What You Need To Know About Epoxy Coating In Pakistan

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What You Need To Know About Epoxy Coating In Pakistan

Epoxy coating has been commonly used by industries and commercial buildings, not that it can’t be used in residential buildings. It is basically applied over concrete floors to give a more professional look and provide strength to burden heavy loads.

Epoxy flooring is becoming more and more popular in Pakistan where more organization is choosing to apply it in their respective buildings. Epoxy flooring in Pakistan has provided many benefits to numerous organizations over time so we are here to discuss the pros and cons of epoxy coating to make you understand better.




Yes you heard it, Epoxy coating is very much affordable if you compare it to other types of coatings as you can just apply it on the concrete. The cost remains the biggest advantages when you go for epoxy coating.



When it comes to durability only concrete beats it to it and you need concrete beneath it anyways so here you go. It makes your floor more durable and allows it to burden quite heavy loads. So they are durable and you can marry their durability with    longevity as they can last for years without wearing out hence their use in industries and commercial buildings.


Can be used as decoration

Epoxy flooring can be used as a decoration piece for your homes; they come with a shiny and a glossy surface which is very catchy to the eye. They come with a lot of colors and patterns which you can use to decorate your office floor or your guest room, make patterns of your choice like traditional or art it’s up to you.

Easy to clean

Epoxy coating gives you very shiny and glossy surface where nothing sticks. So naturally it becomes very easy to clean. Anything on the floor you can brush it off or mop it away. It is that easy.





Be careful the shine and gloss comes with a price as you would expect. Epoxy coating is usually skid resistance but the oil covered coating does get very slippery. Also once it gets wet it will become dangerously slippery. So watch your feet.



One major drawback of epoxy flooring is that it will need replacing eventually unlike other flooring. Heavy loads can cause cracks and chipping which gives a very ugly look. Chipping can lead to damaging the floor and if this happens the floor will require changing. So one day you will have to change the coat of the epoxy.


Applying the Epoxy Coating

Application of the epoxy coating is itself a very time consuming process, not to mention how long you waited to get the concrete ready. It will take days before the coating dries and to apply the second coating you have to make sure that the first coating has completely dry.



This is somewhat a drawback of epoxy coating as it gives out fumes which are not very pleasant. Wet epoxy coating does have a very pungent smell specially the darker ones compared to the lighter ones.



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