What are The DOs and DON’Ts of Exterior Water Proofing in Pakistan?

It is important that you keep your basement water free as leaking foundation lead to wet basements. So today we are going to discuss basement waterproofing in Pakistan. But first we need to identify the problems leading to wet basement.


What Causes Wet Basement?

Wet basement is mostly caused by leaking foundation which gets water seeping through it from the outside. As a home is built the outer edge of the foundation are left exposed due to the fact that this area’s space is filled with excavated soil which makes it soft and more absorbent towards water.

On rainy days it absorbs more water which leaks into the basement, so the solution is to keep the water away but when you can’t do that you need to find other waterproofing methods in Pakistan to keep the water at bay.


Installing Downspouts and Gutters.

The first thing you need to do is clean the gutters from any debris, trash or leaves otherwise it will not function the way you want it to. Secondly one other thing you need to be careful about is that your downspout’s outlet shouldn’t be ejecting water directly against the wall, this will allow the water to seep into the foundation, be sure to extend your downspouts away from the walls and foundation to make this work.

Lastly a friendly reminder is that you should purchase a recessed downspout so it can be buried in the ground without any fear of any debris and dirt clogging the drain. The old downspouts are very unsightly for your homes. Extended downspouts will get in your way and will be a constant problem for you. Make life easier for yourself.


Foundation Soil Grading Should Be a Priority

With the passage of time the excavated soil in the outer edges of the foundation will settle down. This will create a dip around the edge to allow more water to be collected from rain or other means. This will makes things much more unbearable. To stop this you need to apply grading. In his process you add dirt or sand to the area, if the foundation soil is pitched towards your house, until the slope is away from the house.

But the most important part in this is that you SHOULD NOT  use sand or mulch as it will allow the water to drain through to your foundation and making matters much more worse than before. Instead you should use dense soil like clay soil.


Waterproof Your Foundations

Above mentioned techniques of downspout and grading are all working techniques but the best way to properly make your foundation impermeable to water is waterproofing. Waterproofing around your foundations and basements will keep the water at bay. If your interior has any leakage than heavy rain or storm will break any defenses provided through grading and downspouts. It is advised to use the best waterproofing system for your basement like provided by universal services.



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