How Can Temperature And Humidity Affect Epoxy Coating? |

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How Can Temperature And Humidity Affect Epoxy Coating?

It is important to understand that surroundings and temperatures play a big part in every type of work related to building. In summer time when temperatures soar up and the atmosphere gets humid it requires great care especially for concrete coating or flooring.

Temperatures and humidity have to be controlled when applying coating; any mishap can damage the application which can cause air bubbles, cloudy finishes and uncured resin. This work requires great skill and focus in order to tackle the environmental challenges.


Some materials are required to be kept in warmer areas like the products for epoxy resin. If the temperature get really high, like it does in Pakistan, the epoxy can burn during the mixing process. Similarly you can’t allow the temperatures to drop too much, as it will affect the mixing process and application will not be right.

Secondly humidity will add more moisture in the product which will destroy the finishing of the coating. Results will be more inconsistent and the coating won’t last much long.

Keep the Material in Proper Place

First thing you have to do is keep the material, which needs to be kept cool, as cool as possible in hot and humid areas. Store them in a cool and dry place, like basements or covered store rooms. If the material is placed outside then keep it out of sunshine. You can set a camp for shade or find an area where there are trees with big canopies to provide shade. Also you should put a fan near the equipment to keep them dry and fight off humidity.

Similarly in the event of temperature drop, the products used for making epoxy resin should be kept in places with temperature above 75 degree Fahrenheit


Get the Right Products

When buying the products you should ask the manufacturer of the products which adheres to the environment of the surroundings. Like it is understandable that products used in colder climates cure at a faster rate and it takes a little more time for products used in warmer climates.

These instruction not only extend to the coatings but also to the primers and basecoat. It is important to marry the right product to the right environment in order to increase your pot life.


Test the Gel Time

One thing to look for during the application of epoxy coating is the time it takes to cure in hot summers. Luckily we have a way of determining that, all you have to do is take one ounce of resin (epoxy) and mix it with half ounce of hardener and just wait for the time it takes to cure. This technique will give you a better idea, not perfect as change in quantity may change results, you will be able to decide as to how to carry out the process in hot temperatures.

Universal services regular epoxy resin works best when temperature fall between 70-85 degree and if it rises high universal services have the right solvents to maximize the working time.


Take Note of the Temperature of the Substrate

One little thing you should be aware of is the temperature of the substrate when you are applying epoxy to it. It should be known that when you apply epoxy coating to a hot concrete it reduces the working time of the material. Although you can’t do much about the hot concrete but it is still needed to be mentioned.


Use Solvents to Ease The Working Process

When Temperatures Make The Working Process Difficult And The Products Are Not Responding To The Way You Want Them To, You Can Always Use Solvents To Ease The Application. It Is Just Like Adding Catalyst To Reaction To Speed Up The Process. Just Be Aware That You’ll Need Solvents Whose Evaporation Rate Is from Medium to Slow.


One Friendly Advice

On a lighter note, but also important, you should consider the work load of your crew in order to harness better results. Applying epoxy coatings and doing concrete work is a tough ask and when you add hot and humid weather with it this will be problematic for the workers. So allow them some rest and breaks and keep them hydrated to get efficiency and better results.



For more effective tips and tricks about epoxy floor coating, heat proofs and water proofing stay tune to Universal Services.



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