Protect Yourself From Heat Wave in Pakistan [2019] |

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Protect Yourself From Heat Wave in Pakistan [2019]

Summers have arrived in Pakistan after a rare long winter, which means it is going to come with a lot of hot days and a little matter of heat wave, again, to handle this time around. The Met department of Pakistan has already alerted the masses to take proper precaution this summer’s as this is going to be the hottest summer in the last five years in history of Pakistan.

We all know how brutal the heat wave can be for the people of Pakistan, especially in larger areas like Lahore and Karachi with high population density. It is imperative that we take long term and short term measures to tackle the issue of long and searing summers which seems to get worse every passing year.

For a longer term approach we can always plant more trees as they provide ample of shade and are of great help in revitalizing the environment. However as much as the plantation of trees should go on we need to get on with the issues on hand, the present summers and the oncoming heatwave which will not wait for the trees to grow. In order to tackle the present problem we are listing some short term ideas which can help you stay guarded in the scorching summer


Wear Light and Loose Clothing

Do you know heavy clothing is one of the major causes of heatstroke? It is advised by the doctors all around the country that people should wear lighter and breathable clothes which will allow the sweat to evaporate and some ventilation in and around your body.


Take Precaution If You Are Exercising

Exercising is a great way of keeping you fitter but its intensity should vary depending on the season. Hot summers are already very exhausting and stressful and if you couple it with intense exercising it will carry adverse effects. You should keep your exercise light, especially on hot days and preferably at colder times of the day like early morning or night time.

Also keep some fluids with yourself during these summers while exercising. You are already losing too much body fluid so it is important to keep yourself hydrated


Insulate Your Homes

When the summers get extra hot even homes and buildings get somewhat inhabitable. If you feel that your house is getting unbearable to live in because of the heat it absorbs during day light then you should get it insulated. There are many heat proofing companies and brands around the country that can provide you professional heat proofing services like Universal services. Believe me these techniques work wonders and provide great shield against solar heat. They also help in energy consumption and it is long term


Do Not Drink and Eat Hotter Foods, Stay Close With Cooler Foods And Drinks

Reduce the usage of caffeinated drinks and beverages, yes beverages, both of them speed up the process of fluid loss in your body making you dehydrated. Eat less meat and eggs as they increase the body heat from the inside. Drink lots of water and eat watery fruits such as melons.


Use Every Measure to Avoid Heat

These are small things but they help you a long way. When you are traveling, especially on bike keep your body covered, especially your head and face. Take breaks and rest under shadows, keep your car windows slightly open to allow the ventilation process and never leave your children inside the car on a hot sunny day. Don’t cover your infants with towels and heavy cloths as infants do not have developed sweat glands, this will harm them. When you enter your home from a hot day, take a breather and do not rush to get into an AC room or take a cold shower, cool down first and then carry on as your body adapts to environments gradually.



For more informative tips to keep your home cooler this summer in Pakistan, stay tuned with Universal Services.

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