Heat Wave to be Expected Soon in Karachi in 2019

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News: Karachi to Experience Extreme Heat Wave this Summer [2019]

News: Karachi to Experience Extreme Heat Wave this Summer [2019]


According to the Pakistan Meteorological department the summers have well and truly arrived in Pakistan. The temperature in the city Karachi could rise up to 36 degree Celsius in March.

After talking to the director of Met department Mr. Abdur rashid told the news reporter that the weather in April will continue to get hotter and the temperature will rise to 39 degree Celsius.

He further added that the summers will get even more intense in the month of May where the temperature could rise up to 40 degree Celsius, Karachi could yet again be a target of another heat wave. Director of Met department also said they will announce prior to the incoming heat wave and if all institutions are ready then we will be able to tackle the problems posed by heat wave


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