Tips To Beat Heat Wave in Pakistan 2019

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Amazing Tips to Tackle Heat wave in Pakistan

With time we are moving into a long summer season which always gets too hot to handle. In the many cities of Pakistan summers bring alongside it brutal heatwave and searing sunshine all day long. In cities like Karachi and Lahore temperature stays in late 30s and sometimes crosses over 40 and then in other cities like Sibbi and Jacobabad the temperature usually stays near 50. So you can imagine how hot and unbearable it gets.

The heat is not the only problem the citizens have to handle; people usually suffer through a long list of heat related diseases all summer. This year the Met department has predicted the summers to be lighter than previous years but you can never say for sure. As the prediction always comes with a list of precaution one must take during the long summer ahead otherwise the consequences of heat wave can be very telling.


The Problems Posed By Heat wave


Most of the people of Pakistan would be aware of the dangers of the heat wave as back in 2015 more than a 1000 people lost their lives due to excessive heat in Ramadan. The first symptom of excessive heat getting to you is dehydration; it is basically caused by not drink enough fluids during the day.

Drying of throat and tongue and excessive perspiration accompanied with dizziness are caused by dehydration. These all can lead to much serious health condition and can even become fatal.

Mostly older people and kids are most prone to heat wave and then people with chronic conditions like heart patients should also take proper care. Too much exposure to sun heat in the summers can lead to heatstroke and heat related stress, usually seen in laborers.

If your body is cramping or you are having trouble breathing properly or your head is in pain accompanied with extreme thirst then you should take precautionary actions to beat the heat and rest properly.


How to Tackle the Heat In Summers

  • Keep updated with the weather forecast. Follow the news where you will be updated by the Met department about the incoming heat wave. This will prepare you better and you will take necessary measures to stay cool on a hot day.
  • Another action you must take is that you remember to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and other fluids. You will find many shops to drink fruit juices and cold drinks. This will keep your body cool from the inside and will allow you to get across the day. If you are outside keep a water bottle with yourself at all times.
  • Most people who get affected by heat wave are the people travelling on motorcycle. It is advised to people to cover your heads, or wear a helmet when riding a bike. Wear caps and keep a cloth to cover your faces even if you are walking outside.
  • Keep your diet light and eat water rich foods. In hot summers avoid eating foods such as eggs and parathas and meat too much. This will lead to your body getting hotter form the inside and will hurt you. Eat less but consistently keep eating time to time to allow yourself to keep working
  • When in home keep your curtains closed in daytime to keep the sun heat out. Stay in AC rooms
  • Take cold showers before leaving outside and when returning back.
  • You can also apply heat insulation on your home to keep it cool in summers.


There are many other ways to keep yourself and your home cool. Keep following Universal Services and our blogs to know more.






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