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Tips To Heatproof Your House In Summer

Tips To Heatproof Your House In Summers

Summer is the hottest season of the year especially in Karachi, it is good to stay at home and avoid the burning heat of the sun. Home is the best place for relaxing during summer but what if your house is overheating? if your house is not protecting you from the heat, this mean it is the correct time for you to find the ways to make your home cooler for you. How cool a home is, depends on its capacity to reflect the infra-red rays of the sun. Roof heatproofing in Karachi is the best way to make your home cool for you to stay inside. Here are some tips to heatproof your house in summer. If you want to keep your house cool so consider these tips.


Tips To Heatproof Your House

A terrace is a place which is responsible for transferring the heat to the building below. If you want to reduce the impact of heat so cover your terrace with insulation tiles. Building a terrace garden is also a best way to reduce the heat. It also give beautiful look to terrace.


Tips To Heatproof Your House

The materials used to build the walls of your decide how much heat your house will absorb. Walls that are made of brick, concrete and stone keep the house cooler as compared to walls which are made of wood, glass or metal. The easiest way to heatproof your house is using reflective paints on the outer walls of the building. These paints repels the rays of the sun, acting as an insulator and keeping the building cooler.


Hang long curtains on your windows that stop sunlight from directly entering your room. Use curtains with a white backing that will help to repel the sunlight instead of allowing it enter your rooms. The best alternative for curtains are honeycomb blinds. These are shaped in such a way so as to trap the heat in between the blinds and the window pane, keeping your room away from the heat.


Tips To Heatproof Your House

If you live in an apartment so keep potted plants near your room windows. They block sunlight by providing shades. If you live in a cottage so plant large trees near your house. It will reduce the amount of the sunlight falling onto your house and also make your house attractive.

Air Conditioning

Air condition keep your house cool. This will certainly give you a high amount of bill but, it is the best option for beating the heat during summer. You should be very punctual for the maintenance of your air condition.


It is very important to find those holes and gaps from where heat enter into your house. These gaps will also become the source to escape out the cold temperature of your house. Check on the areas you can work upon or contact with heatproofing expert to keep your house cool and comfortable during summers.



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