How To Apply Waterproofing Chemicals In Pakistan?

Chemical suppliers and chemical application experts are not same. In Karachi, the chemical application does also work with chemical supplier plus application for customers demand. There is indeed much to do as a service provider because of rising competition for waterproofing chemical service provider in Pakistan. Here are some tips on how to apply waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan that helps you to protect the leakage and seepage for your home.

Nature Of Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproofing Chemicals

Waterproofing chemicals mainly come in liquid and sheets. There are many optional procedure that helps us to proper make the affected area more durable and protected from the damages of water-based issues, such as leakage and seepage. Liquid-based chemical waterproofing can be avail by most of the customers. It can easily be obtained from the market and also its application take less experience.

Start By Cleaning The Surface

Waterproofing Chemicals

Cleaning out the affected area is important. Wet area might take more time to find the actual part of leakage. If it’s not attainable, we can go with the waterproofing chemical treatment. The first step is wiping off the dust and debris because the application of liquid chemical cannot be properly applied on the dirty area.

Apply First Coat

Mostly we will be going off a cementitious chemical application for our waterproofing chemical in Pakistan. But some time acrylic and bitumen chemical are required that has more resistance and little bit expensive as compare to cementitious waterproofing. But no matter the chemical, application for first coat will ensure that water leakage is controlled and at the same time pave way for the following work that we need to perform. This first coat should be more time consuming because the laying of the chemical must be kept thinking all the time.

Wait For The Solution To Dry

Waterproofing Chemicals

When the waterproofing chemical is applied over the affected area, wait for the chemical to dry up. Allow no one to simply walk all over the wet floor where the chemical is applied. If the waterproofing chemical application proceeds over the roof, then the required for drying would be minimum. But for other areas of application, like water tank, basement, or internal leakage, it will be taking considerably more time.
Place Canvas

This part helps to make surface water-resistant without costing more. Normally applied over large space, like a roof. The use of a canvas sheet over the first coat is non compulsory treatment, that increases the effects of waterproofing further. The canvas application is also carried with techniques which waterproofing company in Pakistan provide with the best of their ability.

Final Coat

Waterproofing Chemicals

The final coat provide additional strengthen to the surface. This can remove any damaged area in the process, also improve the effectiveness of waterproofing to a greater quantity. When with or without canvas, waterproofing chemicals can never be completed without the final coat of the product no matter the surface we are serving for.



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