Most Common Mistakes When Applying Epoxy

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Most Common Mistakes When Applying Epoxy

Epoxy is extremely becoming more popular due to its versatility and durable finishes. Epoxy floor coating provide you everything that you want in a floor coating, however some error while applying can enfeeble or completely destroy the epoxy resin. When you know how to apply epoxy resin, you will feel it is a quite simple process when done correctly. Below are some common mistakes and how to avoid them when taking on your flooring project.

Choose The Right Epoxy Resin

Applying Epoxy

The most important step is doing detailed research what type of resin, product, and material is suitable for your space. Epoxy is a preferred flooring material for many reasons, however a large part of it is that epoxy resin of every type is curated for specific spaces and designs. Either you’re looking for basement floor coating, garage floor coating, concrete floor paint, or even the best epoxy for leveling a floor, epoxy coating Islamabad will help you select the right epoxy products.

Measuring Your Epoxy Products Accurately

Cautiously measuring your resin and hardener is an absolute must to ensure that your epoxy will heal safely. Find the capacity of elements that your application requires. Use a measuring cup to measure the epoxy resin. Be careful to the base of the curved liquid surface, arrange the line that you are pouring the epoxy to. If it become warm it will set horizontal in the measuring cup, however after some time it will settle before calculating the amount of hardener required. After you have measured the correct amount of epoxy, pour the required hardener into the mixture. Most epoxy systems require a 2:1 ratio by volume. However, this is not a universal epoxy scale, you can always verify the correct ratio with the epoxy’s directions.

Mixing Epoxy Resin Correctly


Applying Epoxy

If you never mixed epoxy before then start with a small batch to get comfortable with the mixing and curing process. Distribute the right portions of epoxy resin and hardener into a clean plastic container. Do not use glass or foam containers to avoid dangerous exothermic heat build-up. Before stirring, remember that mixing epoxy too quickly or too long will make additional air bubbles into the mixture, and it will increase the risk of air bubbles in your final epoxy coat. Thoroughly mix the two epoxy ingredients, wait for at least 1 to 3 minutes until the products have a single consistency. Quickly pour the epoxy into a roller pan to apply immediately, this will increase the pot-life and working time.

Be Aware Of Air Emitting From Non-Sealed Materials

It is important to apply a sheer coat of epoxy before your flood epoxy coating. A thin layer on a porous material will secure and stop air from discharging throughout your flood coating. After you have applied your sheer epoxy coating wait for some hour.

Don’t Ignore Bubbles Arising After Applying Epoxy Floor Coating

Applying Epoxy

Many epoxy products absorb a de-gassing agent that produce bubbles in each and every layer of your epoxy to rise to the surface. When this happens it is important to remove the bubbles before the resin thickens and cures. Use a heat gun on its low levels heat and point the gun parallel to the bubbled surface, the heat gun should always be at an angle.

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