How To Fix The Leaking Pipe Behind The Wall In The Bathroom

Bathroom leakage happens, its only natural that some of your plumbing equipment might worsen regarding time. Anyone can’t predict that when this leakage happens or from where. If the leakage is through a disclose source, local plumber can work around his way to fix that. However if the leakage is coming out behind the wall in the bathroom so fix that, is a piece of work for that, we might to understand some concepts so that the repairing work can be handled without any problem. Here we will explain how to fix the leaking pipe behind the wall in the bathroom.

Find Where The Leaks Coming From

Leaking Pipe

Since we all are ready for our search of finding the source of leakage, that in most cases is a burst pipe. When we find leaky walls, it doesn’t mean that water is coming unstoppable, rather it may be dampness. However, we must go through the repair works, because keeping the water damaging the water is highly critical for your construction integrity.

Cut A Window For Inspection

Leaking Pipe

When the source of wetness on the wall is located, we have two options at our disposal. Whether to apply waterproofing chemicals in Pakistan over the wet walls, which is a risky solution, even though the results will be good. Or to fix the source of leakage if it’s coming from behind the wall. We need some spaces for repairs and fixing the issue, and for that, breaking the wall, and creating a window for the repair works is necessary. This breaking of the wall should be intelligently handled so that all those breaking won’t damage the pipe situated behind the wall. As there are connection behind the walls, that also goes with electric wiring, so be careful.

Disconnect The Water From The Valve

At first, you need to find the main nozzle which is connected from your main water tank, before fixing the damaged area. Closing down the nozzle might be simple or not, depending on the nature of a valve located at your bathroom. Closing down that through a valve, will make all water at hold around your home and provide a way to work your repairs. If your bathroom is connected with water tank completely, so simply closing down that will help you to focus on repairing the leakage pipe, without disturbing the water flow for your complete home.

Repair Damaged Area

Leaking Pipe

Water related repairing work usually comes under the authority of local plumber because they have all the necessary equipment and experience to fix the leakage and seepage in the bathroom if the source is a damaged pipe. Understand the matter from which the damaged pipe, plumber replace or repair the leaking section by closing down using tubes.

Call A Waterproofing Expert

A waterproofing service begins and ends on water-based damage. Whether its leakage and seepage in the bathroom, dampness over the wall located at your bathroom, or you simply want to protect your bathroom from any future based leakages. Waterproofing chemical application will surely be made all the remedies of leakages for all areas. Waterproofing company in Pakistan provide all the necessary arrangement to the customers.



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