Causes Of Wet Basement

What Are Common Causes Of Wet Basement?

No one wants a wet basement. The presence of water in the room make it non-viable for everyday use. Unwanted organisms such as mold can also grow with wetness and weaken your structure of home by exerting pressure on the foundation. Even if you try to put an end to it, wetness in your basement can result from many factors, so finding possible entry points in the form of leaks can be a difficult undertaking. At the same time finding a sources of moisture is important to finding a proper solution to the issue. Here are some of the common causes of a wet basement that you should know.

Interior Pipes

Room where water and pipes are located can be a possible source of leaks. In your home if your basement’s walls are moist below these locations that mean the pipes may be allowing water to drop down. If you want to avoid these problem, check these areas and tighten the pipes to avoid leaking. By solving any problems with different aspects of your home like washing machine, bathtubs, sinks, and toilets, you should be able to get rid of the resulting basement moisture.


 Causes Of Wet Basement

Moisture in basement can also develop even if no water is coming in from outside. A changes in temperature between cool walls and warm air can leaves surfaces constantly wet. Bathroom in Basement create condensation because shower water can spread small water droplets and affect air temperature. A clothes dryer that lacks effective venting can also generate moisture as it combines warm air with wet clothes.Waterproofing in Pakistan can make your basement waterproof. If you want to keep away from the formation of condensation so increase air circulation with vents and fans in your home that more evenly spread the moisture in the air. You can also insert insulation in the basement walls to avoid condensation when mix with air.

Foundation And Wall Cracks

Many times, the place where the foundation and the basement walls connect is likely to developing cracks. This is happen when the floor joists that hold up the basement ceiling weren’t attached correctly to the foundation during construction. Shifts can occur over time as a result, and cracks may appear, allowing water into the basement. In some cases, the pressure of water in the ground surrounding the foundation, may create enough force to cause the foundation or basement walls to break at certain points. In both cases, expansion is a serious problem, if they are not treated at time the gaps can become even larger.

Absence Of Drain System

 Causes Of Wet Basement

In the basement, wetness may be due to the absence of a drainage system. Even with some of the precautions in place, keeping the basement waterproof may be difficult due to changes in outside weather, inside activity, and temperatures. Having a way to drain any water that combine around your foundation serves as the core of your basement waterproofing such as the gutters and grading. You can set up a drain tile either inside your basement or outside your home. Waterproofing in Pakistan





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