Epoxy Paint and Coating

Advantages Of Using An Epoxy Floor Coating In Your Commercial Building

When the concrete does a good job by itself so why would you need an epoxy floor coating?

Concrete floors are outstanding for majority of industrial or commercial flooring applications. They are sturdy and can stand up to the misuse from machinery, heavy vehicles, or equipment.

The main problem with concrete floors is that they are unattractive and permeable. The unattractive part might not disturb you much more in a space that customers would not like to see.

But, the porous part can be a big issue and because of this, if any liquid spilled over floor, concrete will suck up that liquid. In an area where it gets cold, if water gets down inside this can cause the concrete to break and temperature drops. Further, chemical spills can create damage with the floor, even causing it to break up depending on the nature of chemical that was spilled.

So, at the same time how do you make your concrete floor effectively invulnerable and attractive?  The answer is epoxy floor coating.

Following are some amazing benefits of epoxy floor coating. Let’s discuss one by one.


If we talk about durability, you know already that concrete does a best job, however it has its weaknesses. So, epoxy coating give strength to those weak points, making your floor practically invulnerable.

The epoxy coating seals off the concrete, keeping spills on the surface where they are easy to clean up. This also prevents oil stains that you often see on concrete floors.

However epoxy goes on like paint, becomes hard when it dry. With an impact-resistant epoxy, dropping heavy tools on the floor often won’t damage it. Some coatings can last for many years depending on the quality of the epoxy Pakistan and how heavy you use the floor.


Epoxy comes in many colors. The surface looks smooth and shiny.

If you want to get fancy, there are many options. Choose multiple colors and make attractive patterns on the floor to break up the dullness.

Also you can mix metallic shavings into the epoxy, making a celestial or fun look depending on the colors of your choose.


Even though epoxy looks slippery but it is not. Different types of epoxy flooring Lahore comes with anti-slip additions that promote good friction on the surface.

Choose anti-slip additives epoxy for kitchen or another areas where water or other liquids are spilled frequently.


Epoxy is amazingly cost-effective. The price varies depending on the epoxy type and additives that you choose. If your floors take a lot of abuse so high-quality epoxy is a best choice but it is more expensive however will last for many years. Also if you want a masterpiece or attractive pattern on your floor so you will pay a little bit for it.

Environmentally-Friendly Flooring

Epoxy is actually quite environmentally friendly. When you first put down epoxy on floor it has some smell which may lead people to think about it toxicity. But when it fully cured, its hard surface will not break down, not even any smell and would not run off with any liquid.

As a bonus, because the floors are so easy to clean, you’ll use less cleaning agent, another win for the environment.


Epoxy Floor

Epoxy is fussy temperature-wise when it’s first place. For the epoxy, it should be done and kept in the right conditions and harden properly.

But, when it has cured completely, it becomes temperature-resistant (whether hot or cold). If your business involves hot chemicals or hot machinery so epoxy floor coatings in Pakistan is the perfect choice for your business.



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