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What’s The Difference Between Heat Resistant Roof And Normal Roof?

Heat in our home needs our special attention in the form of additional solutions that might come in different forms and sizes. Air conditioning is always expensive as suggest by their user. The number of air conditioning affects the monthly energy bill that’s why mostly people have only one air conditioner, or the two. So how we can reduce the heat that is coming down on us through the roof? For that purpose, we want to let our readers know about the difference between heat resistant roof and normal roof.

What Is A Normal Roof?

Normal roof is simply a roof with no extra solution to counter heat. During the construction, the roof which was made by the pouring of cement, concrete and interlocked by RCC based structure, is the roof we all have. Roof protect us from environmental problems, like direct sunlight, shade, and shelter from all types of climate-related things. We all need this roof, but in summer when the heat going crazy, the roof has no special intake on cater to the intensity of heat transfer. We have air conditioners to reduce heat.

What Is A Heat Resistant Roof?

When the normal roof undergoes a chemical solution, the chemical is known as by the term heat proofing chemical which makes the roof heat resistant. Due to the chemical heat is reflected. Heat resistant roof can save people from operating the air conditioning continuously. Heat proofing in Karachi is the best solution for those people who live directly under the roof, which is faced with sunlight.

Products Used To Make Heat Resistant Roof

Heat Resistance Roof

With the application of heat proofing chemicals, the heat resistant roof came into being. They look like paint, and its application is also like a paint job. Because of this product people will feel a decrease in temperature. For the application heat proofing chemical we need professionals, because if any part are left without the chemical so the heat will easily find a path to enter into the homes.

The Main Difference Between The Two Roofs

Reflects Heats

For a heat resistive roof, the primary job is that it reflects heat from the sun back. If there is no sunlight there will be no heat, however 75% of heat is reflected as there are walls and some other elements that can’t fully nullify the heat energy of sun from entering into the home. Still, that number is quite large, considering only a chemical application is carried out over the roof.

Always In White color

Heat Resistance Roof

This is other element between these two roofs that the later will always be in white color. Now, most people might consider it a restriction, but considering the size of the roof, it can’t be seen for people from horizontally plane. What your roof color is, no one cares, because in reality the paint job is usually laid out for walls of your home.

Makes Your Interior Cooler

A heat resistant roof will make your interior cooler as compare to normal roof. Apparently, the decrease in temperature could be about 10 C which will save your energy bills each month.




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