heat proof in Pakistan

4 Best Ways To Heat Proof Your House In Pakistan

Since the past decade the temperatures around heat proof in Pakistan have risen at an alarming rate. Every year the climate is getting warmer and warmer. If this keeps on sooner rather than later house owners are going to require ways to keep their house’s temperature cooler.

One easy solution people have is to get more and more air conditioners, which keeps your house cool when it is operating apparently solving the problem for time being at the very least. What people need is a solution which can last longer than a few hours and is consistent.

These are some effective heat proofing solutions we believe can be of long term in every aspect.

Insulate Your House

One great way of keeping it cool is providing proper insulation to your structure. Now you can insulate your house in many ways, one is using thermacol sheets inside your roofs during building stage, it affectively brings down the temperature 3-4 degrees Celsius. Another great way of doing is using heat proofing techniques like reflective paint, heat proofing tiles or shingles, whose ultimate purpose is to reflect the sunlight and avoid solar heating.

Reflecting the sun away will not only help you from internal heating of your homes but will also protect the structure from cracking due to solar heating. All in all this will keep your house’s temperature the way you want it to remain.

Installing a green roof

This is something which quite unheard of and also a wee bit expensive. Green roofs are a built in garden on a roof top which provides an extra layer of insulation and also a great help in terms of rainwater management. It also adds to the environment and gives your home a more beautiful look. So considering the advantages it is not careless to say that one can go out and make a one-time investment which will benefit everyone in the longer run.

Block the sun

One conventional way of doing it is blocking out the sun heat from entering your homes. Windows are responsible of letting in a considerable amount of solar heat in your homes which eventually makes it too warm to stay in your rooms.

You can apply shades blinds and curtains to block the sun from entering. It will keep the heat away and keep the temperature down. One drawback is that it will completely block the sunlight from entering your homes which is not healthy entirely. So to avoid such dilemma you can use awnings which will block the solar heat to a great extent and also allow the useful sunlight to come in.

Other affordable ways

If you are not properly convinced with the above mentioned solutions then we can also offer you some small tips to do inside your homes to keep it cool. Firstly you can keep your windows open especially at night for proper ventilation, this allows the hot air to cross around the house and maintain the temperature. Secondly replace your incandescent light bulbs as they emit a lot of heat and replace them with LEDs. Keep your sofas away from heat radiating appliances as they absorb the heat make the surrounding more warm. Use protective films on windows to filter the UV rays

Last special mention

One very important thing we can do, what we all can do, is that we plant more trees near our structures. We as a community have been suffering from the loss of trees and growing temperatures. We can plant as many trees as possible as they provide adequate shading for our structures which eventually leads to a cooler environment.

More trees mean more rain which will also release a lot of heat trapped inside and provide a more sustainable living atmosphere.