If you’ve ever experienced the fear of non-stop water dripping by the ceiling, you will notice that in the bathroom when things go wrong, soon it can turn into a tragedy. To help avoid this unthinkable from happening, why not waterproof the bathroom? The most important aspects of a home improvement project is having the bathroom waterproofed. Waterproofing in Pakistan not only protects structural damages damage but also reduce possible health concerns.

Following are the important reasons to waterproof the bathroom.

Stops Leaks


Waterproofing helps in preventing leaks of the bathroom. Water will always find the rapid and simple way downwards with gravity. Water can start to seep easily through the weak point or crack develops in your floor or walls, or gaps form between your walls and bath in the sealant, and will quickly find its way into the ground floor of your house. This may show itself in wet walls and ceilings at a lower level, or in some cases, drops of water forming on light fixtures, meaning the mixing of water and electrics, which is not good. A tanked room give a fully waterproof seal under floors and walls that will stop this. Waterproofing company in Pakistan will help you in bathroom leakage repair.

Prevents Damp And Mould


When you can notice what is happened on the exteriors of the floors and walls, it’s what’s below that you cannot notice. If you are renovating the bathroom, you may have pulled away tiles to expose damp, rotten looking plaster or plywood. This is due to water getting through the top layer and penetrating the wood, plaster or brick, which is usually never treated for such things. You can stop the spread of condensation and stop moisture from happening by adding a waterproof barrier between these surfaces and your top layer.



Waterproof boarding will not only stop leaks and forming of damp, however it is a best insulator. If external walls form part of your bathroom, you will realize how cold those walls can feel to the touch, especially in the winter season, it means the bathroom needs a greater British thermal unit to heat it. As a result it costs you more money in the long run. Waterproof boarding will help to keep the warmth in and also help in reducing the energy bills and saving energy.

Greater Bathroom Options


By constructing a stud wall with the help of waterproofed boards, you can add more designer touches to the bathroom, like a wall hung basin and handy niches, wall hung toilet and concealed cistern for your need. Your bathroom looks more interesting by adding these things. Also you can turn your bathroom into a wet room and do away with your shower tray to leave a highly contemporary open plan shower.

Increase Your Building Value


High quality of completely tanked room needs effort and time, professional finish to the bathroom. This, in turn, is a real selling point when the time comes to up sticks, increase your property value.