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8 Great Ways to Insulate Your Home in Pakistan

Do you know you allow 60% more Insulate Your Home during summer or more than half of the warmth inside your homes escape in the winter without proper insulation? Most people are left wondering what should be done to tackle these seasonal problems. Using too much AC or heaters in summers and winters will just accumulate more bills adding more to an already standing issue.

In order to solve this dilemma we have designed a proper guide to tell you how you can insulate your homes to keep you warm in cold winters and also protect you from the searing heat of summers

  1. Get Yourself Some Draught Excluders

First thing to start the insulation process is stopping the heat enter or the warmth leaving. For that you need to get draught excluders and fit them on your doors, these will cover the small spaces which allow the warm air to leave and summer heat to come in. All you have to do is buy some sealant strips from any hardware store, they are very easy to apply just like tape.

  1. Fix Your Windows

When your windows get old, the panes usually start to crack and their joints gets loose. This allows the outside air to come in and the inside to escape, one easy way of tracking minor cracks and gaps is running you hand on the panes, if you feel a quiet blow of air on your hand you have found the problem.

You can fix the joints with some nails and patching if the panes are wooden, if they are aluminum they can be changed easily as they are not very expensive. Or to make it easy fill the spaces with a sealer.

  1. Use Curtains

It is also advised to use proper window dressing. These things add more beauty to the interior and act as a wonderfulInsulate Your Home. For example in summers you can keep the windows shut with the help of curtains, although it is advised that you should let some sunlight come inside for better health, at peak sunshine to counter sun heat.

Secondly you can keep them shut at night time in winters, when it is quite cold, to stop cold air coming in. Also these curtains trap warm air inside them which will also give you a warm feeling in cold days.

  1. Double Glaze Your Windows For Better Results

Some people still complain even after fixing their windows so a better option for that might be double glazing. It would require investing but it sure will be one-time and long term. Double glazing, for those who don’t know, is an insulating glass window consisting of two or three glasses separated by panes which are also separated by a gas or vacuum to stop any type of heat transfer.

  1. Fix The Gaps in Baseboard

You will mostly find gaps between the baseboard and your floors especially at the joints you will find more. It is an easy job to fix them, all you have to do is get yourself a silicone sealer and cover the spaces.

And when we are talking about floors and gaps it is also worth a mention that some people have complete wooden floor where you will most probably have the need that get them insulated. So cover them with a rug or if you don’t want to hide them then you can always call a professional to provide insulation for your wooden floor.

  1. Insulate Your Home and Your Roof

One other great way of insulating your home is to provide insulation to your rooms all around. It is quite a simple way to do that, which means you can do that on your own if you want to, just get some fiber glass wool and fix it in every room and especially on inner side of the roof of the house. This is one of the most efficient ways of saving energy and keeping your home insulated all year long in every temperature

But if you think you need a professional service than you can call experts to apply roof heat proofing on your roofs and attics. This will help repel sunshine and will not let Insulate Your Home to penetrate through the walls.

  1. Use uPVC/PVC pipes

It is better to use PVC pipes all year long instead of steel pipes. PVC pipes are themselves Insulate Your Home which will keep the temperature constant in any given climate. Secondly you should also use plastic water tanks instead of steel tanks for storage. Steel would rust over time and is more prone to damage. Secondly it will not help with the insulation process at all.

  1. Other ideas to help in different temperatures?

Well sometimes keeping yourself cool in summers especially isn’t just about keeping your house insulated. Something more has to be done with your body. Like keep yourself hydrated, use cold water bottles under the pillow when you sleep, wear light and breathable clothes, eat foods which are cold in nature like coconut water. These are very doable things which will cost you zero effectively. Take care of yourself properly.

And for winters, just cover yourself properly with warm clothing and cozy blankets especially your feet and ears as they are the major source of your body catching cold. So cover yourself and get something hot like a cup of coffee.


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