Epoxy Coating

is the coating of the floor to provide it with more durability and strength. It is very commonly used in industries and commercial buildings, especially in buildings where heavy load of stock is stored. Epoxy coating is not only known for providing strength and durability but it is also used widely due to it providing longevity to the flooring and reducing maintenance cost in case of damage to the concrete.

Epoxy flooring and coating has long been known for boosting the performance of the structure and alongside increasing the performance epoxy flooring adds beauty to the room where it is applied. Its benefits are such that home owners and residents have started to use it in their homes as well. It’s popularity has increased so much that the companies offering services of epoxy coating have now started to offer custom flooring designs for different rooms of the house. Now it is not only being used for its strength and durability provision but also as a decoration piece in homes.

In this brief article I am going to explain you about the uses, application and advantages of epoxy coating

What is Epoxy coating?

Epoxy coating is made from chemical reaction where an epoxide raisin is mixed with a polymine hardener, after they are mixed it takes some time for it to cure and turn into a durable and strong material which is used for variety of things.

Uses of epoxy coating

As mentioned earlier a number of times about the durability and strength of epoxy coating and due to its mentioned advantages Epoxy is used for many purposes like

  • All sorts of building floorings, as it gives it strength durability and longevity
  • Used on automobiles as a primers as it helps in reducing corrosion and keeps the paint on the body intact
  • Decoration in homes as it gives a wonderful look. Epoxy comes in many eye-catching designs
  • used on metal pipes and fittings in industries as it helps in preventing corrosion and rust
  • Used for fixing damaged concrete and polishing it to make it seem as new

Epoxy coating has many benefits and uses and it acts as a cheaper and long lasting solution to traditional solutions.


Application of Epoxy flooring

Epoxy coating application requires considerable care as little mistakes can ruin the application process.

Firstly you would need to clean the surface on which you wish to apply the flooring. After cleaning make sure the surface is partially porous and the concrete is completely cured.

Secondly if there are damages on the floor or concrete you would have to patch them up before you apply the coating. Check if the concrete is old or sealed as that would not allow the coating to settle properly on it.

Third, you have to take into consideration the temperature of the room, extreme temperature may cause the coating to cure early then required or it may cause the coating to bubble after its application.

You have to mix the coating before application and once it is mixed you will only have a limited amount of time to apply it before it gets hard.


Benefits of Epoxy coating

Epoxy flooring has many benefits some of which I have already discussed earlier. Still there are a lot of benefits to be reaped from epoxy flooring services

  • It gives a shiny and glossy surface which is very eye-catching
  • Provides a hard strong surface which can withstand heavy load
  • Very easy to apply and clean
  • Ideal for every type of building nowadays
  • Resists stains
  • Helps the concrete and preventing wearing
  • Reduces maintenance cost as it is a one-time investment and has a long life.
  • Creates a stronger surface which lasts many years.