heat proofing in pakistan

A Comprehensive Guide to The Cost Of Different Types Of Heat Proofing In Pakistan

Majority of areas and cities types of heat proofing in Pakistan have to go through a summer of intense heat where in some cities temperature soars as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Such hot summers not only make the life outside difficult but life indoors also get unbearable.

During day time house walls and roofs absorb solar heat and transmit that heat indoors making bedrooms unbearable to reside in.

Heat proofing is a proven way to prevent this dilemma as it provides complete protection from solar heat penetrating inside. With professional heat proofing services your house will stay cool in extreme high temperature and maintain your energy consumption to minimum.

Investing in heat proofing materials provides a great return on investment as they cut down your energy bills and keep your structure protected from extreme weathering. It is quite a handy solution to tackle heat wave in Pakistan which is also easily affordable.

Types of heat proofing in Pakistan and their cost

When people decide to apply heat proofing in their homes they usually get stuck on choosing the best type of heat proofing for their homes and if they decide which one then the varying prices of different materials and products become a big hurdle in making a decision.

First you need to understand the types of heat proofing and we are going to describe them to you one by one

Bituminous aluminum foil membrane

This is 3MM thick foil membrane which can be applied indoors for insulation and outdoors like on roofs and walls of the house to protect against solar heat. It has a reflective mechanism which reflect away the incoming sunshine which becomes the reason for heat absorption by the roofs and walls.

It is known to withstand a temperature as high as 200 degree Celsius, it has a great tensile strength and is applicable in any extreme climate.

One roll of foil membrane of 3mm thickness is available for just 3000Rs.

Heat reflective paint

This reflective paint is an elastomeric product which works great in covering cracks on the roofs and walls and provide amazing protection against solar heat. Its reflective nature guards well against the dangerous UV rays and it can withstand any sort of extreme weathering.

This heat reflective paint is available for just Rs. 2500/square feet and it is applicable on both metals and concrete.

The canvas “heatproofing” cloth

This canvas is complete fiberglass material and is an excellent insulating material which provides unparalleled protection against the summer heat. It is perfect for applying on fragile materials such as pipes, expansion joints and machinery.

It is coated with specially formulated coating which adheres to the material it is placed on after getting wet. They are flexible and light and can be easily applied on materials.

You can get one roll of 50m of this canvas cloth for just Rs. 2000.

Synthetic polymer sheets for heat proofing

These are pure thermoplastic polymers which are perfect for use in harsh climates and extreme hot temperature. Made from polypropylene material it can expand in great heat and provide exceptional protection against solar heat.

One roll of polymer sheet is available for just Rs.40 per square feet.