Universal Services uses chemicals imported from Al-mutathawir which is another leading chemicals manufacturing company .  Every chemical is produced by the help of the all the modern engineering and state of the art technology. Al-mutathawir is one of the largest exporters of all types of bitumen liquids alongside waterproofing products, heat insulation and all types of coatings.


Every product and solution provides great durability, strength and performance and not to forget every product is environmental friendly and poses no threat to the health of the users and consumers.


Technicians and engineers of al-mutathawir are well trained and adhere to the strict guidelines of the company. Al-mutathawir is also one of the largest exporter of these chemicals and solutions everywhere across Asia, Europe and Africa.


The waterproofing and heatproofing chemicals provided by al-mutathawir are a great economic and long lasting solution for insulation, water leakages and dust intrusion. Their application not only provides great protection but also strengthens the structure and gives it a long life which