Benefit of Waterproofing

Amazing Benefit of Waterproofing

Almost every building and structure in Pakistan require maintenance at least once a year mostly due to water penetration inside the walls and roofs. The water which intrudes the structure’s walls roofs and foundation are basically caused by damaged plumbing and areas where there is heavy rainfall. Enough water intrusion quickly deteriorates the life of the building which in turn causes more and more maintenance expenses. A reliable and long-term fix for this problem is the Benefit of Waterproofing.

Waterproofing in Pakistan is a protective mechanism for house walls and roofs to guard against water seepages and leakages. Waterproofing works great for areas with humid climates and rainfall and even if it is applied in dry areas it still prolongs the life of the structure and keeps in check the water leakages due to damaged plumbing.

Now before we get to the benefits of waterproofing we must address to you what exactly is waterproofing.

Benefit of Waterproofing

You can judge by the name that it is a mechanism to make something impervious to water. So in this case we apply waterproofing coating and chemicals to make structures protected against any sort of water intrusion.

In waterproofing a structure is furnished with elastic coatings and durable membranes to make the building impervious to water penetration in the foundation. There are many different types of waterproofing available for different types of structures and each one of them has its own benefits. In the end every system is designed to stop water from penetrating the walls and roofs and prolonging the life of the building


Now as in Pakistan almost all the buildings are concrete structures we are going to talk about waterproofing on concrete. The most widely used waterproofing method for concrete buildings is the bituminous coating on the walls and roofs to protect the building. But bituminous coating is sensitive to sun light and will get damaged if exposed for a longer period. In this case and an extra protective coating is applied on to it to repel any sun light which may harm the coating

Below we are going to list the benefits of applying waterproofing on concrete.

  • The first immediate benefit of this is that it can be applied on any sort of concrete structure such as industrial buildings, monuments, residential buildings and commercial buildings
  • Secondly it stops the water penetrating from ceilings, floors or walls which is the primary reason of rust and corrosion in the building. If it is not treated in time it will damage the walls and cracks will start to appear on the building.
  • One other important issue is the growth of algae and fungus on the walls due to water seepages inside the buildings. This creates a lot of health issues as it renders the place unhygienic. Most often children are the first target and get affected very quickly. Waterproofing not only stops water intrusion but it also ends any chance for any fungus or algae to grow inside the structure. Basically waterproofing prevents mold.
  • When your building is protected from every water related hazard it slows down the deterioration process hence less maintenance cost. You will need not to make any expensive repairs for your structure.
  • In fact the life of your building will prolong and the property value will increase. The structure remains beautiful the aesthetic look maintains.


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