Concrete flooring

How To Maintain You Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is the hallmark of buildings in Pakistan. It provides for a fine, smooth and strong finish. Once concrete flooring is applied it becomes long lasting and provides great benefits like easy cleaning and offers no hindrance if someone wants to apply tiling over it.

But no matter how long lasting everything diminishes with time. Same is the case with concrete flooring as with passing time concrete flooring will be deprived of its shine and once a smooth surface will start to feel a bit rugged on the feet. More passing days will reveal more cracks and a surface which will seem dull and damaged on most places.

This forces people to completely put off the surface and apply a new one. This by far is not the right decision. To some it may feel like the only solution but honestly there are other solutions which can give back the present concrete floor a not so worn out look. Mind you concrete flooring is very strong even though it seems damaged so we are going to list out some remedies, some solutions and hacks to fix your floor.


Apply A Coat Of Cement On The Existing Flooring

One easy way to fix the worn out concrete flooring is to apply a coat of cement on it. It is advised that you get this done by the help of experts as any miscalculation can render the surface uneven or even rugged in some areas.

Basically you just fill in the existing cracks and damaged areas and then apply a coat of cement on the whole floor. This will provide a shiny and smooth surface without the need for putting off the old surface. It will strengthen the existing flooring and save you a lot of money and time.


Place Tiles On The Floor

Tiling the floor is another great option on fixing your concrete floor. All it will require is to patch up the cracks and damaged areas with a solution and then bond will applied all over the floor and tiles will be placed on it to dry.

For the floor to hold the tiles better you would be required to water the tiles few times in a day. Remember to get this done you must call a professional to apply the tiling. Any wrong step will wreck the alignment of the tiling.

One con of applying tiles on the floor is that with time they will get damaged, as everything does, and to fix them you have to get the tiles removed which will also mean that your concrete floor will also be removed in order to apply a new flooring.

Epoxy Coating Works Best

If you are confused about your options then you should look no further than epoxy coating. Epoxy coating are made to withstand heavy weight and are very durable. Not only that epoxy floorings provide a lot of variety in terms of design, textures and patterns. A good choice of coating can leave you with a shiny, smooth and beautiful surface which can last a whole lot long. And the best thing about epoxy coating is that you don’t have to remove the existing surface or apply a new one in order to place it. It will work just fine on the existing concrete floor.