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An Ultimate Guide On Roof Heatproofing

Most cities in Pakistan experience extremely hot days in the summer season. This raises the importance of rooftop heatproofing your roof, which prevents the heat from transfering inside a house on particularly hot days. Running the air conditioner all day is another viable option but is a much more expensive alternative to heatproofing, especially in Pakistan. 

Heatproofing helps your home retain a normal temperature, even in particularly high temperatures. The solar reflective coating used by heatproofing professionals can reduce the temperature of your house by up to twenty degrees celsius. This means that you can reduce the use of an air conditioner without compromising on the desired temperature.

How Does Roof Heatproofing Work?

Many homeowners who go through the process of roof heatproofing are amazed by the results. They instantly feel cool inside their home, which felt like an oven before, without using nearly as much electricity as before. 

When the sun shines on an average roof, the sunlight is absorbed by the roof for the most part instead of reflecting. So when the temperature increases, the heat is transferred from the roof to the inside of your house. This is the main contributor to an increased temperature inside the house. Meanwhile, if your roof is protected with our sun-reflective paint or chemical treatment, sun rays, instead of being absorbed, are reflected off. 

Universal Services heatproofing treatment exponentially increases the reflectivity of any roof, whether it is concrete, iron sheets, steel sheets, pre-coated sheets, or tiles. The sun-reflective paint is the best way to control the heat inside your home as it prevents warm sun rays from transferring inside your home. The other method of insulating the walls and ceilings does not necessarily prevent the heat from entering your house, as it only delays the increase in temperature. So opting for heat proofing services is a much better option for keeping the heat from entering your home.   

Benefits Of rooftop heatproofing

With the rooftop heatproofing procedure, you can enjoy lower electricity bills which give you the instant gratification of money-saving. It even saves you money in the long run by preventing your home structure from deteriorating over time from the UV or IR that the sun emits. Other than that, the sun-reflective paint and the heatproofing treatment is eco-friendly, as they do not have any adverse side effects on the environment. 

The sun-reflective paint not only plays a major role in cooling down the roof, but also restores its surface and prevents it from corroding over time. 

How Is The rooftop heatproofing

Universal Services have multiple trusted partners whose products assist us in heatproofing your roof. We offer you cost-effective solutions to keep your home cool during the summers. 

Our process of heat proofing your roof is very simple and nondisruptive to your schedule. After you book an appointment with us, we assemble a team who will work on your roof at the allotted time. They will clean the roof thoroughly before applying sun-reflective paint. After the paint is dried, the professionals apply two coats of the treatment chemicals to the entire surface, leaving a one-hour span between each coat.        

Once the roof heat proofing treatment is completed, it will last for up to four or five years on the roof’s surface. The longevity also depends on the environment, maintenance and conditions.
Universal Services will help you heatproof your roof effectively. Other than that, we also do roof waterproofing in Pakistan to protect your roof from any water-related damages. You can get a free quote on our website for waterproofing and rooftop heatproofing needs.

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