BASF is a German-based chemical producing brand. It is regarded as the biggest chemical producer in the world having its branches in at least 80 countries. Its production of chemicals includes solvents, industrial-grade chemicals, glues, resins, etc. Most of the production is consumed by construction, textile, and pharmaceutical industries


BASF’s engineered plastics consist of 4 ultras which are


Ultramid polyamide nylon based resins


Ultra dur which is polybutylene terephthalate


Ultraform polyacetal


Ultrason which are polysulfone and polyethersulfone


Production of materials includes polyurethane foam, spray foams, and styrenics. All of which are used for providing durability and insulation to the structures and appliances and also in furniture and packaging materials. Each and every product increases efficiency and when compared to other products they are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.