wooden epoxy

Easy Steps to Seal wooden epoxy

In Pakistan generally the climatic conditions are damp and moist which can harm your wooden furniture. Moisture can create bubbles and damage the outer layer of the wood.  Thanks to Epoxy coating in Pakistan which gives woods a waterproof and resilient outer finish.  Epoxy resin coating has got high fame in Pakistan due to its superior protection of wood from moisture and wear. There are number of effective ways you can use epoxy for coating your wooden goods as a sealer. Epoxy sealing will help to make the life of wooden products long and extended.  This step by step guide will help you to use epoxy for coating your wooden goods.

Dust & Wipe the Surface

With the help of cloth wipe and dust out the wooden. Make that the wooden material is free from dust and has no uneven surface.

Wipe With Wet Cloth

Now with the help of a wet cloth thoroughly wipe the surface of wood. Make sure that there not a single particle left behind. If there is any particle left it will be bonded prominently and you will not get the desired outcome and texture of your epoxy.

Protect the Floor with Cloth or Plastic

Place cloth or plastic under the wood on which you are applying epoxy.  Epoxy is hard to remove once it has fallen on anything. Make sure your floor is protected from epoxy and even if it falls there is a plastic or cloth protecting your floor from epoxy.

Pick a Container for wooden epoxy

Now you will need a container from which you will be going to apply epoxy. I recommend you to use a coffee, tea our any similar size can from which will be applying epoxy. You will also need a brush so that you can thoroughly apply epoxy from that can to the wooden material.  Stir the epoxy before brushing so that it viscosity remains consistent.

Pick a Fine Bristle Brush

For best results use a bristle brush for applying epoxy.  Start from the middle of the wooden surface to the edges. Start always from wet to dry areas so that the bristle linings won’t show up after drying.

Look Out For wooden epoxy

While brushing keep an eye on porous areas on your wooden surfaces. You will have to work more on uneven areas and porous surfaces as these areas tend to absorb more epoxy. For consistent coating apply 2-3 coats on areas where you think the epoxy is inconsistent.

Set to Dry wooden epoxy

Let the surface to dry for at least 24 hours. It’s good to keep the material indoor for protection from dust particles.