Epoxy Polished

Epoxy Flooring Vs Polished Concrete Floors

For businesses and even houses, concrete flooring is a best solution however there are various ways to achieve a durable concrete solution. Organic concrete absorbs oils, chemicals, and moisture because it is porous which contribute to stains and decay over time. To improve the performance of a raw concrete floor, polished concrete and epoxy flooring are the two common options. Each options have unique advantages and disadvantages. Here is how polished concrete floors and epoxy flooring compare.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a hard resin and therefore it needs to be coated in several layers. For the epoxy to bond to the subsurface, one needs to grinding the floor and opening up the concrete slab. The procedure require grinding using metal diamonds and vacuuming the surface rigorously to remove all debris.

Then, the epoxy flooring Karachi applies a moisture barrier coating to save the floor finishes. Due to hydrostatic pressure, this moisture barriers save the epoxy from cracks.

Lastly, the hard resin means epoxy is applied and spread equally over the surface and gets the desired level of finish.

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Following are some exclusive benefits that you get with epoxy flooring.

Flaws in concrete polishing is overcome by epoxy.

Satisfies the need of many different industries.

Water resistant floors.

Easily hides floor imperfections.

Resistant to spills.

High reflectivity and brightness of work environment.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is the plain concrete you see but polished. The procedure gets a highly reflective surface. The aftereffect floor is free of dust, exceptionally smooth, and ultra-dense.

The process involve metal diamonds, normally cut moist. After some wet cuts, the experts shift over to resin diamonds. The process progressively goes from 70 grit to 1500 or 3000 grit, depending on the sheen level which needed.

In these continuous process of grinding, the densifier is applied, where suitable. Actually the densifier is used to make the concrete harder and to fill the pores in the concrete. This process will give you a glossy and smoother floor. A sealer is also applied, depending on the usage.

People often mix up that the shine is from using the sealer or topcoat that gives the glossy look. But that’s not true. The process of polishing mechanically removes the finger grains of concrete to polish and make the floor surface reflective.

Benefits Of Epoxy Polished Concrete

Minimal wet usage.

Create standard maintenance routine.

Level and concrete with minimal imperfection.

Color difference and rustic look.

Low dust, high reflectivity and improved indoor quality.

So what’s the best – Epoxy Polished floor coating or concrete polishing?

With the above information, by now you should be able to make an educated decision.

When you are dealing with an environment where the floors are wet for a longer time. Or if the floors will have spills, then epoxy Pakistan is the way to go.

Epoxy will do better if you have heavy markings compared to polished concrete floors. But with polished concrete, you could stain, however it would be vibrant, at all.

When you are going to have rough use of the floor like heavy vehicles, high traffic so polishing is certainly the best option.