We at universal services are now active in Faisalabad with our state of the art chemical services. We are aware of the problems faced by the people of Faisalabad due to the soaring temperature in the summers. Summers since the past few years have become increasingly unbearable and same is the case for Faisalabad. For this reason Universal services are now providing the best heatproofing and home insulation services around Faisalabad.

Heatproofing services in Faisalabad by universal services are unparalleled. When it comes to the quality of the products and chemicals we use we are the best. Our products and chemicals are all imported from the best brands all around the world and our workers are professionally trained. When you ask for the services of universal services you will realize that you have got value for money.

Our heatrpoofing services in Faisalabad are in line with the international standards and each and every product is certified. The chemicals we use are not harmful to the health of residents and also to the environment. With our heatproofing services you will get cooler indoors as home insulation and heatproofing will protect your walls from absorbing any solar heat which will make your homes hot from the inside.

But our services don’t end here as we are also professional waterproofing service providers. We have been providing water proofing service all around Pakistan. Waterproofing is important for buildings whose walls and foundation have water seepage and leakage. And now our services are available all around Faisalabad.

Lastly we would also like to mention, to your delight, our epoxy flooring services are now also available all around Faisalabad. Our services extend from residential buildings to commercial and industrial buildings.
So get the best chemical services provided by universal services and strengthen and prolong the life of your structures.