Bathroom leakage is a main problem if not fixed on time. We want things to get solved within minutes as we don’t have enough time to wait for restoration that takes in effect at our home. So the solution that is not just essential, however takes less time is the need of the hour in Pakistan. We have mention a different solution to cater to the same reason that does not take time however the solution is quite effective. It guarantees to fix your bathroom leakage repair in Karachi for a fixed period. However it depends on the intensity of the damage caused by leakage and seepage in the bathroom as well.

List Of The Solution To Fix Leakage And Seepage

When dealing with a leaky bathroom, fixing it should be our main priority. For the similar reason, it is completely obvious that we have different solution at our disposal which helps us to select and go with the one most suitable for our bathroom. When talking about the list of the solution to fix leakage and seepage, we have some solution at our disposal, which are result-oriented. Let discuss what are those and how can we fix our bathroom leakage and seepage.

Waterproofing Service


Waterproofing is a chemical-based solution that is applied over the surface, to make them water-resistant. Because of the property of concrete, which tends to absorb water into its structure, we can only make it viable, when this feature is neglected, and hence can control water leakage and seepage. Waterproofing service is considered the most inexpensive solution that could solve the problem of bathroom waterproofing to a great extent.

Bitumen Membrane


Bitumen membrane is the best waterproofing product that helps to reduce bathroom leakage and seepage. This membrane is playing an important role to remove any small leakage which might come in our way and damage the aesthetic of our bathroom. A bitumen membrane is applied all over the affected bathroom’s surface, with heat provided over the membrane would melt the base and enable the bitumen to grip its place firmly. If it’s tightly griped, the water will not penetrate the walls.

Bitumen Chemical Treatment


Bitumen chemical treatment is the solution for waterproofing the bathroom. Different from the membrane for which heat is provided to make it stick, with bonding material the chemical is mixed, which simply sticks into the service. We need to apply the chemical only into the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. The liquid-based bitumen chemical is used for bathroom floors. It is dangerous, but does a best job in waterproofing the leakage and seepage.

Cementitious Solution

Leakage And Seepage Problem

If your bathroom is made from concrete and you are looking to repair so for that purpose, use a mixture of a waterproof solution, called cementitious waterproofing chemical in Karachi. This waterproofing chemical seems like cement and also act like cement. But the main thing is that it is waterproofed, hence the leakage and seepage problem is completely addressed.