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Great Ways To Prevent Heat Loss In Cold Winters

It can get quite expensive to stop heat loss from escaping your homes in chilling winters in Pakistan. With the growing prices it has surely become a difficult task to insulate or keep yourselves warm in the cold months of December and January.

It is well known that people try to use more conventional methods and old techniques to keep their houses warmer. So here we are going to discuss some of the best ways we can secure the heat inside our homes in the most cost-effective and efficacious manner.


Prevent the radiator’s heat to escape through walls

One major heat escaping route are the walls. When the radiators of appliances produce heat they escape through the walls. One way of preventing is that you can use aluminum, tin or kitchen foil on the walls to reflect the heat back in the house.

Secondly hot air rises and can also escape through the roof, so avoid this you can place shelves just above the radiator which will stop the air form rising upwards to the roof, this will keep the hot air in for much longer.


Stop the chimneys from letting the hot air escape

In cold places people have usually installed chimneys for fire. But when the chimney is not in use the hot air usually escapes through the chimney into the atmosphere. Now for people it may sound like impossible to prevent that but luckily there comes a chimney ball which can be installed inside the chimney when it is not in use to prevent hot air escaping through it.


Use thick curtains.

It is advised to use thick curtains to block the cold air from coming in from the windows and stopping the hot air to escape through it. It would be better to use dark colored curtains as dark color will absorb the sunlight and will provide a warm sensation to the residents.

Secondly it is also important to let the sunlight in at day time.heatproofing will kill the germs and also provide considerable heat in cold winter. You can keep the glass windows shut but let the sunlight in for some time at least.



Close the rooms inside your homes which are not in use

Rooms that usually remain empty or are visited rarely should remain close. These rooms are comparatively colder than the other rooms in the house. If kept open unnecessarily cold air from there will enter the other rooms and reduce the warmth.


Lastly you can make a one-time investment

This will probably sound expensive and unconventional but it surely is a one-time investment. Spending once on a reliable method and technique will save you from frequent purchases which will accumulate into something big.

What you can do as a one-time investment is to apply insulation to the whole house to avoid heat loss permanently. Applying heatproofing such as rock wool, polystyrene foam, perlite, cork and etc. will reduce thermal transfer quite significantly. To get the best thermal insulators for your houses and building Universal services provide the best for you. So get the best insulation to stay energy efficient and warm in cold winters.