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How can Pakistani Keep Themselves Cool in the Month of Ramadan?

With the blessings of Ramadan showering from above us the sun hasn’t shied away, not one bit. The cool month in Pakistan are playing their part in the month of Ramadan and the increasing heat is not making life easier for the people fasting.

With 30 days of compulsory fasting where a person cannot eat or drink for a good 15 hours can be a lot demanding when the summer heat has no intention of going away. So how can a person keep themselves cool in such heat without taking any fluids? Well you don’t have to worry about that at all for I have crafted a list of ways you can apply to keep your body cool when there are power shortages and electricity is already so expensive.

Heat proofing of your homes

Now one could say this is an expensive way to keep yourself cool in summers and they would be right to say that. But heat proofing of your roof and house walls is a long term project where you would only be required to pay once and enjoy the benefits for years.

With heat proofing in Pakistan you prevent solar heat from being absorbed by the walls and the roof of the house which is the main cause of over-heated homes in summers. Heat which penetrates through the walls provides a very warm effect inside the rooms such that even lying on the beds feel like torture.

With heat proofing chemicals sunlight and heat would be reflected away and keep your homes cool while you stay inside. Most cases of dehydration and heat related stress is due to the fact that after a long hot day out doors when a person comes home in evening his body doesn’t get the relief it needs due to the heating of the house walls and roofs.

Heat proofing is allows you to keep your home cooler than the rest and also helps in reducing the bill and saves energy. With cooler rooms you will not be pushed to use ACs all day long which will reduce your bills a lot.

Keep taking cool month

When the heat gets unbearable you can find solace by taking cold showers during the day. Cold water poured over can cool down the body and reduce the perspiration for some time.

Also when you feel lack of energy cold shower revitalizes you by increasing the blood flow and refreshing you for sometime

Wear breathable clothing

Your clothing matters a lot if you want to stay cool in summers. The clothes you wear should be light and breathable so that when you sweat it can evaporate rather easily allowing your body to breathe and stay cool.

Use ice chilled water bottles under the pillows

When you lie down to rest and the bed is warmer than you want it to be then put ice chilled water bottles beneath the pillow where you put your head. The water bottle will cool down the pillow giving you soothing effect. You can do this on both sides by placing a pillow beneath your feet and head and put chilled water bottles beneath them.

Most of the heat your body absorbs is from your head, hands and feet so if you can keep them cool you will keep your body cool.

Cover yourself in cool month

If you are traveling on a bike in this summer heat then cover yourself completely. Wear a helmet and a light jacket so the warm air won’t affect you. So many people get affected by the sun directly shining upon their heads and the warm air which they encounter throughout the way.

Don’t worry about the sweat as on a bike you will be facing air all the way which will keep your sweating down.