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How To Heat Proof Your Roof?

Summer is right at the corner and since the weather will get hotter and hotter, you, as a homeowner, need to make sure that this year, your heat proof your roof home is ready to put up with the ever-rising temperature in the coming weeks.

To get rid of the sweltering heat waves and make your home feel cool and calm, one is required to be entirely dependent on air conditioners. However, considering the hefty utility bills and not to mention the frequent power breakouts, 24/7 air conditioning is not the most practical option.

While there are many other effective ways to alleviate the heat entrapped in your home, getting the best roof heatproofing service might offer you every solution that you could be looking for.

Although people have already heard that roof-proofing is the most effective way of tackling the worsening temperature, not many are entirely convinced. That is primarily because they do not know how heatproofing works.

To put it as simply as possible, roof proofing just like adding an extra layer of heatproofing materials to the roof of your home. This material would act as a barrier and prevent heat and moisture in the atmosphere to enter your home. Therefore by installing this layer, you would be able to guard your home against residual heat and humidity.

Although installing roof proofing might sound like a daunting task, it is one of the most hassle-free, affordable, and simple home improvements that you could ever install. If you are curious to find out more, keep reading this blog, as we have compiled all the essential steps for you.

  • Installing the heat proof your roof sheet

One of the easiest ways to install heatproofing on your roof is by spreading a heat-resistant sheet over it. These sheets are manufactured in factories and they are excellent at trapping harmful radiations. Usually, these sheets are composed of corrugated patterns, which act as the remarkable insulators of heat and water.

Corrugated sheets are extremely lightweight, easy to carry, and exceptionally reliable. They are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions and durable enough to last you many years. Furthermore, they are energy-efficient and could be bought at surprisingly economical rates.

In Pakistan, you would find many different types of these factory-made sheets, however, PVC Plastisol Sheet, Polyester Painted Sheet, and Galvanised Steel Sheet are proven to be the most viable options in the market.

  • Using the heat proof your roof paint or chemical

To reflect the sun waves away from your home, you can paint it with reflective colors like white. Although regular white paint is also proven to be helpful, you should always prefer a paint with heatproofing chemicals. That is because such paints not only bounce back the ultraviolet rays, they also bring the temperature of your home down.

  • Applying a modified Bitumen membrane

After corrugated sheets, this heat-proofing material is considered to be the most effective in Pakistan.

Since, majority of the houses in Pakistan have flat roofs, applying modified bitumen on the surface is easy and effective at the same time. Bitumen can not help to reduce the effect of heat, but it also absorbs water, so by applying its membrane, one can offer waterproofing and heat proofing to their home.

These modified membranes of bitumen consisted of asphalt and some other adhesives that melt to completely coat the surface of the roof.

A lot of the homeowners prefer to paint membrane black, but if black ruins the aesthetics of your home, you can also coat it with white paint.

Since not everyone has the adequate proficiency to do the roof-proofing by themselves, it is always practical to hire a professional for this job.

Although various companies in Pakistan are providing heatproofing services, Universal Services stands out for providing the most exceptional and brilliant services.

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