Bills Minimum in Pakistan

Keep Your House Cool and Bills Minimum in Pakistan through These Amazing Ways

It gets really hot in the summers Bills Minimum in Pakistan doesn’t it? And the worst thing is that in this searing heat even houses get unbearably hot. Mattresses start burning and it feels like everything is emitting heat. To make matters worse is the amount of power outages and still running ACs can get very uneconomical for home owners across different cities of Pakistan.

Most people might be wondering what can be done to tackle such heat which accompanies so many irritating problem. Well you are lucky as we here will provide you with some of the best and efficient ways to cut out the heat inside your homes in Pakistan. And guess what? We will keep them all budget friendly.

Start With Nature

If you want to beat nature you have to do it in its domain. Start by planting trees all around your house like the Indian lilac or more commonly known as the neem tree around here. Other trees like mango tress and coconut trees, the thing about them is that they have comparatively larger shades, bigger canopies. Not just that, they grow big like way big which results in more shade around your house and less heat from the sun invading your house. They will clean the air around you and make your home look beautiful and a bonus would be some fruits in their seasons.

Cook Outside

In such hot summers in Pakistan it is advisable that you cook outside your homes, like using the grill in the terraces or on the roof instead of using the kitchen stoves and microwave. This will keep all the hot air outside rather than creating more in the inside when you cook in the kitchen.

Be Wise with Your Appliances

There are appliances which need to be shut down and there are some which should be kept open more in summers in Pakistan. For example keep your TVs and computers shut alongside your microwave. TVs and computer/laptops emit a lot of heat which makes everything hotter inside, most people use laptops placed on their beds which releases its hot air on the mattress allowing it to trap the hot air inside and making it agonizingly hot.

Secondly keep your exhausts open for longer periods, especially those installed upstairs. They will help you release the hot air outside quickly.

Keep Yourself Cool

It is not only about the temperature inside the house but your body temperature makes it even more difficult. You should keep yourself hydrated as much possible, take cold showers and wear light breathable clothes. One great way of keeping yourself cool while lying on the bed is by placing a chilled water bottle underneath your pillow, this will make the pillow cooler and bearable. You can also place a pillow on your feet and put a bottle underneath. It works both ways.


Stay Downstairs

When the sun is shining the brightest Bills Minimum in Pakistan in Pakistan, keep yourselves downstairs. It is known to everyone that hot air rises up and cold air goes down which obviously makes the upper rooms hotter compared to the ones downstairs. But when you are going down open the doors to let air pass. Also if you have more than one window in your rooms upstairs open the one which is not facing the sun at all. That window will naturally be cooler place which will attract the hot air more towards it. Keep the ventilation going, it’s important.

Insulate Your Home

Lastly I would state for you a long term method of keeping it cool all around the summer. It will be expensive but it is a one-time investment. If you can, and you should, apply roof heat proofing in Pakistan around your home to get heat insulation. Universal services provide proper chemical coatings on your roofs and walls to reflect the sunlight and prevent any heat from penetrating inside. These insulation methods are one-time investment only which will provide you for years and keep your structures from cracking due to the contraction and expansion during summers.