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Keeping It Clean – Garage Floor Epoxy

If you are a property or garage owner, you know just how easy it is for a bare concrete garage floor epoxy to become dusty and stained. For cleaning the garage floor, you have to purchase costly chemicals in order to remove stains, and also pressure washers are required to get the garage floor clean.

If you are tired of dealing with large maintenance bills just to keep your garage clean, a garage floor epoxy can help you a lot. Epoxies are a seamless and nonporous solution that is resistant to most of the problem that would bring dirt into your garage and make it stay there. Here you will learn how you can keep it clean with garage floor epoxy.

Why Does Concrete Get Dirty?

Before we talk about how epoxy can keep your garage clean, we should discuss why your bare concrete gets dirty. The main reason why concrete is so susceptible to stains is that concrete is an extremely porous material, making the passage of the liquid incredibly easy. Through these pores, liquid can pass, leaving behind pigmentation that feels like are difficult to remove without expensive materials or cleaners. This is also one of the reasons why it is so easy for tire marks to appear on your garage floor. Tires are made up of petroleum and when they stay on hot surfaces for the maximum time, they leave behind trails that are resistant to water in the pores of your concrete.

Seamless & Nonporous floor epoxy

The seamless and nonporous design of epoxy is one of the biggest advantages of using an epoxy system in your garage. This means no liquids can penetrate its surface to leave a stain. This will protect your concrete from stains of oil, any liquids dropped from your children, and pet stains that could appear out of nowhere. You can get the best epoxy in Pakistan for your homes and garages. We better know that some homeowners tend to use chemicals in the garage as well, but the epoxy is still resistant to the adverse effects of said chemicals being dropped on the floor. This makes stains from battery acid, brake cleaner, and other things.

How To Maintain floor epoxy

Epoxy is an incredibly easy material to maintain due to its design. With concrete, you would need pressure washers, hard chemicals, and time. but epoxy maintenance is easy and cost-effective. For the regular maintenance of epoxy flooring, you only need a soft bristle broom or dust mop to remove any of the built-up dust and debris on the surface. Epoxy floors do not need soap, or warm water, and a good mop or deck-scrubbing brush should be just fine. If you need extra scrubbing power use something like soft soap to aid you with the tougher spills. A regular broom or vacuum with a bristle attachment can be used for textured epoxy. After the surface has been swept clean, use a standard wet mop paired with a PH-neutral cleaner to remove any grime on the epoxy’s surface. There will be no need to use waxes or polishes on epoxies to stay clean, making the maintenance throughout its up to 25-year service life an extremely easy and affordable task.