An epoxy coating can transform a regular cement floor. A cement floor that was not prepared properly can have cracks and leaving the floor not only unsafe but also unattractive. With the help of epoxy coating in Islamabad, the floor will last for many years with minimum risk of maintenance. Some people avoid epoxy because of some misconceptions related to material. Below are the some common misconceptions about epoxy coating.

What Are The Common Misconceptions Of Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy Coatings Have To Be Reapplied After Some Years


Many types of flooring coatings do have to be reapplied this often but epoxy coating is definitely not one of them. If epoxy coating was installed professionally so it can last up to many years. However it is so long-lasting and can resist wear from foot traffic, vehicle traffic and heavy machinery. If epoxy was taken care so it will last for years to years.

Epoxy Flooring Is Slippery


Epoxy flooring is much less slippery as compared to other smooth surfaces. An epoxy coating has non-slip options which are basically raised bumps in the flooring to stop slipping. Because of this epoxy makes a better option for offices, hospitals and industrial buildings that pose a slip and fall risk to workers.

It’s Costly To Have Epoxy Installed


Epoxy is cost-effective. As compare to epoxy, other flooring options require more cost in repairs and maintenance. Investing in epoxy will pay off with its longevity and easy maintenance. Selecting cheaper flooring solutions will only increase expenses for repairs and maintenance.

It’s Hard To Maintain



Epoxy is super easy to clean. Epoxy does not stain or chip. If any stain was remain on the epoxy floor so it can easily be clean out by simple water or wet mop.

Paint Will Do The Same Thing Epoxy Does


Even though epoxy coating may resemble paint before it is applied, they do completely different things. A paint coating will not save the floor from stains. Epoxy bonds with concrete to create a 100% comfortable, resistant surface that can remain undamaged for upcoming years

Epoxy Can Be Installed Without Professional Assistance

Epoxy coating is long-lasting, durable and have variety of colors. An epoxy company can help businesses have better looking flooring by applying an epoxy coating.

The Only prep Work necessary is cleaning

Your epoxy coating professionals are definite amateur. If they inform you all your concrete needs is a rapid clean before applying an epoxy layer. A professionals better knows that it is important to remove all the extra cement and open the concrete pores before application to get the excellent result. It is a labor intensive process to grind down the floor to get it ready for epoxy, however it’s worth it.