When the temperature increase to the highest levels in the summer season, we use air conditioning unit, but it can be just labeled as the only solution for heat control. The best treatment for hot roof is by availing polyurethane insulation in Karachi which is not only cost-effective but have an element of return of investment. People who have not heard of this solution before, its referred to as the best insulation material you can go for, which comes in a high price tag. In this blog, we will discuss why polyurethane spray foam insulation in Karachi is more costly as compared to other insulation?

Benefits Of Polyurethane Insulation


In controlling the heat, Polyurethane insulation is the best technology behind air conditioning. We can’t emphasis enough about its significance in controlling and resisting heat temperature on the surface. It reflects back the heat completely and insulates extra heat that tries to transfer over its surface.

The Uses Of Polyurethane For Heat Control


It is used everywhere, because of its properties to reflect heat and insulate the rest. Its usage in roof insulation is important as almost 90% of heat is transferred directly from the roof and remaining heat enters through walls. It can either be applied at the on the roof or the internal ceiling to protect it from rainwater. The application for the walls can be managed by foam spray service, which helps in creating extra power to counter the heat for the better.

Reasons For The High Cost Of Polyurethane Insulation

Polyurethane insulation is costly as compared to other heat insulation material. Why? There are many reason, it’s not about supply and demand, but of more technical nature. Below are the main reasons which help to understand the high cost of polyurethane insulation.

Better Heat Resistivity Index


The heat resistivity can be measured by R-value which is simply the resistivity threshold provided by insulation makers or tester. The R-value of polyurethane insulation is high, due to this, the cost rise high. As the heat during summer is high, polyurethane insulation service is availed in large quantity. Polyurethane is the best insulation material that protect us from the heat.

Available In Foam Form


If you have some knowledge related to insulation material and its application, it comes in the form of a sheet and then applied as columns. But what if it comes in the form of liquid. This insulation can attain the form of a foam and applied by the help of a power sprayer machine. Professionals and necessary equipment would be required, however the result over the surface will come as a layer of polyurethane insulation. It has no wastage unlike the insulation sheet and does a great job in cover every hole and corner with great performance.



Polyurethane insulation is fire resistant. We included the flammability as around 95% of insulation material is flammable. A special coating is applied over the material to make these materials non-flammable, which indeed cost us extra.