Roof Heat Proofing in Islamabad & Seepage Leakage Treatment

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Roof Heat Proofing Services in Islamabad & Water Leakage Seepage Solution

Roof Heat Proofing Chemical Service in Islamabad

Concrete is an extremely thick material. At the point when concrete gets warmed, it holds the warmth for a very long time. This heat is transmitted into the rooms during the evening and night when the surroundings are getting cool. Because of the stillness of air beneath the rooftop, the air in the room also becomes hot. The roof fan spinning underneath the rooftop drives the warm air down, which makes the room like an oven.

Roof Heat Proofing Chemical Service in IslamabadHeat Proofing is one of the best method to reduce heat. It reflect heat backward in direction and not absorbed heat which doesn’t effect inside temperature in summer. Our Engineers team first inspect the site condition then recommend the labor team that how to apply the chemical solution according to the sites condition.


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Best Waterproofing Solution in Islamabad

A roof that leaks is an issue in any climate, however a roof that suddenly starts to leak during a heavy rainstorm can rapidly turn into an emergency. With heavy runoff, water may start seeping through some small hole that has been there for a while & drip onto the ceiling. By the time you notice water dripping in the house, the drywall has likely been saturated. If you don’t do something immediately, it could crumble. Finding a hole can take time. You need to staunch the dripping & make an emergency repair as quickly as possible.

Universal Services Provides these services of waterproofing. We apply our waterproofing chemical solution on the place of leakage. It makes a protective solid layer between wall and surface. Our procedure of waterproofing starts with our Engineers Team inspection of the site after that they recommend the labor team that where to apply chemical. We never compromise in quality we provide so that you will not face these issues again.


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Ours Services of Heat Proofing and Waterproofing are available in All the cities of Pakistan.

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