Universal Services:

Our Company Universal Services was established in 2009 and has been providing different services from 9 years. Which are useful for every sector Home, Offices, companies, factories etc. We never compromise in quality and provide fast and quick response to our clients. We offer best quality chemical services with an average price as compare to Market. Best Roof Heat proofing Services Roof Heat Insulation in Pakistan.

Roof Heat Proofing Services Roof Heat Insulation in Pakistan:

Roof Heat Proofing is the process of making a Roof Heat-resistant or Heat reflective. So that it remains relatively unaffected by Heat radiations. We provides services of Heat Proofing chemical. It makes white layer on the top of Roof which protects your home from Heat.

Why we need Heat Proofing?

In summer, most of the cities of Pakistan are facing heat stroke problem. When Temperature rises to 40°C or more, we should not leave our home because it could be dangerous for our health especially in heat stroke. We should try to maintain our body temperature by staying in shade and drinking a lot of water. In summer, if your home inside temperature not low as compare to outside or it is more than outside due to walls and roof heat radiation then you should need to heat proof your roof and walls.

Roof Heat Proofing Services Roof Heat Insulation in Pakistan

After Heat Proofing Your home inside temperature would be average, for example if outside temperature is 38°C or more then inside would be 30°C or less. One of the main cause of heat is sun heat radiation. A normal roof and walls absorb heat which makes inside temperature high and after apply heat proofing chemical it reflects 90% of heat backward as shown in image.


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