roof heatproofing solution


It’s very justifiable for individuals to switch on their cooling as the environment deteriorates as time passes with the high temperature taking off the mercury level to the rooftop. But In Pakistan, where not enough electricity is present for our households, being completely dependent on air conditioning is not recommended at all. So, let’s talk about other options besides taking a dip in the swimming pool every other day. It’s not hard to imagine that all the build-up heat enters our home through our roof and walls for that matter. Understanding heat temperature in the language of science is simply radiations that find their way inside the concrete roof. It tends to absorb water, heat, and pretty much every liquid in the world. To reduce the heat from roofs in Pakistan, we have articulated some tried and tested methods that would help you protect your roof from water as well as Roof heat proofing solution.

The roof exerts 90% Roof heat proofing solution during peak

During top hours, the sun is at its peak which applies a high volume of intensity radiation on the earth. Since our rooftop is presented to this hurtful radiation, the temperature of our rooftop gets expanded, which makes our home’s inward room temperature consequently increment.

There are other places where heat might entire or could play a role in increasing the temperature, but no one can beat the probability of the roof da uring a heatwave as almost 90% of heat exerts through the roof.

When there are no precautionary measures adopted over the roof  We are very presented with the high-intensity radiation and other destructive components applied by the sun, particularly during heatwaves.

The air conditioner won’t work when the roof is hot

Most people leave heat-proofing solutions by saying that they already have a reasonable countermeasure for the heat, which is a common sight. We are referring to the air conditioning unit, which runs on almost every large or small that can afford it.

Although no one can deny the high electricity bill which comes each month because of air conditioning, ITs also served that cooling is reduced during high heat time, when it’s extremely needed.


It’s because the air conditioning cooling will have little impact when your roof is extremely hot due to the summer season.

Hence to make your roof work properly, it’s extremely important to Roof heat proofing solution in the first place.