Reliable Roof Waterproofing services

Universal Services is one of the top providers of roof waterproofing services in Pakistan. We have years of experience in offering robust roof waterproofing facilities all over the country. Our team of experts is well-versed in understanding the concerns of our customers, which makes them capable of surpassing each of our client’s expectations. Our facilities, such as roof heat proofing and roof waterproofing solutions are quite on-demand in various cities of Pakistan.

The team of civil engineers and work builders are the best in dealing with waterproofing chemical agents. If you are looking for a way to protect and safeguard your roof from the aftermath of harsh rain during the monsoon season, choose roof waterproofing chemicals agents that are known to provide ideal results.

Roof waterproofing Services, Roof water proofing services

Cities where we offer roof waterproofing services

  • Roof waterproofing in Karachi – Monsoon season in Karachi means continuous bouts of heavy downpouring rain. As a citizen of this megacity, it is imperative to get your hands on efficient roof waterproofing solutions. Universal services provide a range of services, such as roof waterproofing in Karachi at an affordable price, so give us a call right now.


  • Roof waterproofing in Islamabad – Islamabad, the city of beautiful mountains, also becomes the subject of heavy rains during the monsoon season. To protect the structure of your property, get in touch with Universal Services to enjoy inexpensive roof waterproofing in Islamabad.


  • Roof waterproof in Lahore- If you own a house in Lahore, you know how challenging it can be to protect your home from leakages and clogging during the rainy season. Universal Services provide state-of-the-art roof waterproofing services in Lahore that you can opt for on a manageable budget.

Universal Services - The Best Roof Waterproofing Service Provider in Pakistan

As the leading waterproofing company in Pakistan, our expertise is more towards roofs, balconies, garden sheds, terraces, bathrooms, dormers, garages, water tanks, basements, chalets, carports, and roof extensions. To make your home leakage-free, avail our roof waterproofing services along with a team of professionals that will not disappoint you in any way.

Once you experience the perks of roof waterproofing, it is a guarantee that you will never look back. Call us right now and book your appointment.

Affordable, Profitable, and Reliable Roof Leakage Treatment In Pakistan

Roof leakage treatment is a mandatory need for people living in Pakistan, especially during the monsoon season. The infrastructure of homes is sensitive to moisture accumulation that can affect the look and strength of your roof and walls. When it rains, water seems to find its way into holes that cause problems like leakages, cracks, and seepage. If you want to avoid these hard-to-handle consequences, get your hands on efficient roof leakage solutions.

Universal Services, as one of the big players in the roof leakage industry, can take care of your roofs in the best way possible. Our team of efficient engineers, professional carpenters, and civil experts can help you make the roof of your home leakage-free. Our facilities, such as roof treatment for water leakage, are our best selling service. We have all the modern equipment and chemical agents that can protect your roof, bathrooms, terraces, and garages from the aftereffects of water leakage.

Roof Leakage Solutions in Karachi

Universal Services – the experts in providing roof leakage solutions offers its services in Karachi as well. In this city, homeowners are in dire need of efficient roof leakage solutions, as there is a huge amount of rain expected each year. Water leakages can affect roofs, garages, terraces, and carpets. Most of the time, the walls get cracked or the paint starts to wear off, which can give a bad impression of the house. Our aim of providing roof leakage treatment in Karachi is to cater to the needs of many homeowners who are in need of instant and efficient solutions.

Universal Services also offer roof leakage treatment in Islamabad. You can call us anytime to book yourself an appointment. Moreover, if you want to enjoy the perks of roof leakage treatment in Lahore, our team of professionals is always ready to come to your place and fix every single water leak, making sure they never reoccur again.

What are the advantages of roof leakage treatments?

The thing with leakage and seepage is that they can enter your home without any issue. It can either come in the form of excessive rain or leakage from a water source. However, it is mandatory to address such problems instantly, as they can not only cause structural damage to your house but leakages also demand expensive repairs. If you choose Universal Services, you do not have to worry about any such thing. We not only offer the best water leakage treatment in Pakistan, but also the most affordable. Our team of professionals will make sure that you never have to worry about water leakages ever in your life.

To book our services, contact us on our given numbers.