Polyurethane Spray

    Universal services is a leading polyurethane foam spray services company in Pakistan as we provide the most quality chemical services across all major cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Polyurethane spray provides prevention from water leakages and also provides sufficient insulation. Our well-educated and technically sound team of engineers and labors provide quality spray foam services in Pakistan to make your properties more long lasting. We are specialized in providing services for every kind of construction.

    Our services are regarded as the most reliable across the country because of the quality we provide and the affordable service we provide. Our use of the finest chemicals have made properties more durable and strong. All of the products we use are certified and of the top quality.


    The Benefits of Polyurethane Spray Foam

    The benefits of the spray foam spray are many. You will find many buildings and structures using these spray instead of old and outdated practices of keeping structure cool and durable in every weather situation. There is a list of benefits which we are going to discuss below

    It stops the moisture from air from creeping in and damaging the structure.

    As it is a protective layer it will provide significant resistant to any type of water creeping inside the foundation or inside the concrete work.

    The guards provided by polyurethane spray will make your homes stronger and more comfortable.

    More importantly with the insulation it provides it will save energy which will ultimately reduce your energy related bills.

    Polyurethane spray foam has the highest R-value per inch (approx. 6.0 per 1 inch) when compared to other similar materials.

    These spray foam also reflects the UV rays and heat from the sun. it can reduce the temperature inside your homes to up to 4 degrees.

    Lastly it is long term which will not slump and provide protection from pollen and dust. This will eventually lead to less maintenance which will save unnecessary expenses.


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