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The Current Heatwave Is Not Coming Slow. Are You Prepared?

With every passing day, the world just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Global warming is surely not helping anyone. As the temperatures continue to increase, our day-to-day lives continue to get more difficult. Air conditioning is not the only feasible means to keep ourselves cool anymore. The atmosphere outdoors is unbearable with the scorching sun and if you can’t even find solace within the comfort of your home, it can be really frustrating. High temperature is one thing but the heat waves of Karachi are completely intolerable. In these circumstances, there are various new techniques that can be adopted to make our lives fairly easy in this heat. One of these techniques is roof insulation. Let’s see how much potential heatproofing solution has to save us from the atrocities of this heat.

Effects Of heatproofing solution

It is essential to know how heatwave is capable of affecting us if we want to make a long-term roof insulation investment. The heatwave period should not be dealt with easily. It is important to understand how deadly and disastrous the effects of a heatwave can be. Normal elevated temperatures can be managed with air conditioning but in the case of a heatwave, the concrete walls and roof must be able to withstand all the heat. From the constant high temperature during the day, the walls absorb all the heat. At night, this heat is then radiated and with that, even the nights cannot be cool and comfortable. The only option there is to save ourselves from this radiation is to secure the concrete walls. Just securing the roof can help you restrict a great amount of heatproofing solution and keep your house cool.

Insulation Material

When you hear the term ‘insulation’ your mind must have gone back to the school days when you studied insulator and conductor for the very first time. Those insulators were basically the materials that do not allow heat and electricity to pass through them. The same condition applies when using insulation for heatproofing. Insulation material is a special material which has is capable of high resistance to heat and therefore, makes heat transfer quite difficult. When this material is applied on your roof or your walls, it will allow lesser heat to penetrate through your walls, hence keeping your house much cooler.

Secure Roof heatproofing solution

The main area that is the cause of all the heat transfer of a house is the roof. It is most exposed to the sun and gets heated up very fast. When it’s hot enough, the heat travels downwards, heating up the whole house. Other than that, the rest of the heat is traveled from walls, windows, and doors. If the roof is completely covered with insulation material, the overall temperature of the house drop. The need of securing your roof with insulation material is immense give the current heatwave situation. A secure roof can help you make the overall environment of your house much more liveable.

Types Of Insulation Material heatproofing solution

The insulation materials with even the lowest resistivity values are capable of blocking off the heat from penetrating through. In this way, the heat blocked will not be able to enter and prevent your house from burning up. With the best quality, the insulation would ultimately be the best. Some of the best options to choose from are polyurethane, cellulose, polystyrene, styrofoam, and thermopile sheet. These sheets ensure that the heat is not easily transferred increasing the overall temperature of the house.

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