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Why Is a Thermocol Sheet For Heat Insulation Hard To Apply Over The Roof?


The insulation material in short is a length process, to say the least. The process starts with a tedious process of procuring all the products for insulation. Similarly, depending on your roof, the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation is quite hard to apply properly into your home.

We won’t give a clearer picture of major difficulties. Help applying the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation over your roof seems to be on your agenda. As an undertaking, it’s without any means that the nature of this article is to demote the benefits of the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation because as a good insulation material, it’s widely applied over the roof for various reasons.


First thing if the entire application process, nothing will go beyond until the product is properly procured from a reputable supplier.

For people who are not sure what a Thermocol sheet is for heat insulation, they come in the form of panels, which are usually square in size.

These panels are in a particular thickness, which ultimately helps in securing your roof from the unprecedented temperature and urban heat radiation which poses’ great threat to our well-being.


Since we are explaining some of the challenges and difficulties applying the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation over your roof, it’s also important to note that all of the Thermocol produce a hack lot of garbage.

Terms as one of the messy works for insulation purposes, the reduction of mess is defined by how much experience does the applicator got.

For cases when the homeowner decided to apply the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation by themselves, the mess will be of extreme levels.


There’s no natural adhesive over the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation. This makes it evident that we need to apply external adhesive to ensure that the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation is properly fitted to the roof.

Considering the water protection from rain, the Thermocol is usually applied over the ceiling end, which is well protected from direct sunlight as well as direct rainwater. This placement adds further difficulty over the application of the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation.


It’s obvious enough that the Thermocol sheet is lightweight and an amazing level of induction to resist high-temperature values.

But there’s always a catch, the material itself is very weak and it’s important to protect the material for a high level of damage.

The damage might be from direct contact, water, sunlight as well as strong winds. In most cases, simply applying the material over the internal area will greatly help protect the material for all of these environmental damages to a great extent.


The material application will also lead to some damages along the way since the material is weak, the damage is inevitable.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Thermocol application comprises many more materials over and under it. Sometimes, during the construction process for your home, the Thermocol sheet for heat insulation can be inserted inside the walls, known as sandwiching.


For people who are interested in applying the Thermocol sheets for heat insulation over their roof, they should avail the service only through hiring a top heat insulation company in Pakistan.

Because when an expert comes into the plan, the overall work will commence in a better manner, considering the time taken for the entire job, effectiveness, and less mess to make.


Most of the time, people are more inclined towards the application of Thermocol sheets for heat insulation for roof area, although one of the advantages of availing heat insulation is that it works well for both roof and walls.

Since heat comes from all directions, especially during heat waves, it’s sometimes a common practice to observe that people ask for heat insulation for walls as well.

But practically speaking, the application of the Thermocol sheets for heat insulation is not easy, to say the least. Since we need to apply material along with adhesive, it require a high amount of patience and concentration to ensure that the application is done to the highest order