Some Effective Tips To Maintain Your Epoxy Flooring

Having epoxy flooring in your house can truly make it stand out from the crowd. It can be used for transforming your breakfast area into an entertainment space, make your garage floor attractive, or upgrade an old-fashioned living room into modern and fresh room. For a residential home epoxy flooring is a cost-effective method to make your house stylish and attractive. But, for beginners its maintenance can be tricky. If you are looking for epoxy Pakistan it’s necessary to understand how to maintain them. When it comes to the maintenance of your epoxy flooring system either new or old, there are some effective tips to maintain your epoxy floor

Cleaning maintain epoxy flooring

Cleaning is the process of sweeping the epoxy floor to remove any dirt or debris. We suggest that instead of using a stiff bristles broom, select a soft bristles broom like a dust mop. A soft bristle broom is more efficient at removing all those dirt. Brooms with stiff-bristle can leave minute scratches on the floor that can be unattractive when exposed to light.

Mopping maintain epoxy flooring

When the floor has been rid of dirt, now it’s time to mop the floor. You only need a standard wet mop for this purpose. One thing to remember when mopping the epoxy floor is to not focus too much on a single area because overworking a part of the epoxy flooring can lose its shiny look and leave that spot dull. Usually this is the time where different flooring’s need to be waxed or polished however an epoxy flooring Lahore does not require polish or wax.

Don’t Worry About Chemicals

Epoxy does not react well with different types of cleaners. Some harsh cleaners can harm the uppermost layer of your epoxy flooring. To make sure that your cleaner would not damage your flooring apply little amount of cleaner on a small area of the flooring somewhere unobtrusive. And if nothing happens wrong when you remove cleaner than you are good to go.

Spray It Down

If you’re dealing with cleaning a heavily dirty epoxy flooring system, there is a method that can be used to make the flooring clean without unnecessary elbow grease. For good and fast results, wash down your epoxy with garden hose. Before doing this beware that on the floor there are no electronic appliances that can be destroyed before using the pipe. When spraying down the flooring, always keep the pipe moving and keep in mind that the water temperature doesn’t exceed 115 degrees to avoid any accidents.

Staining Is Not A Problem

Having a problem getting rid of a stain on epoxy in a particular area? We suggest simply getting a nylon brush and using a mixture of lukewarm water and CLR in a tub. Spread the mixture onto the floor in a particular area and move the cleaner in circular motions. Do this with soft hands as overworking or pushing too hard can lead to the top coat being worn down or losing shine.