As the temperature become high, shooting the mercury level to the roof, people turn on their air conditioner. However in Pakistan, where electricity is enough for our homes, being fully rely on air conditioning is not suggested at all. Therefore, let talk with other options besides taking a dip into the swimming pool every other day. As we know that all the build-up heat enters into our home through our roof and walls. In order to reduce heat from roof, here are some ways that would help you protect your roof from water as well as heat.

Use Bitumen Membrane With White Paint


In Pakistan, most of the roof are plain and level, so there are some options to apply in order to reduce heat from roof. Using modified bitumen membrane is the good suggestion which works best. These membrane rolls are made up of asphalt or many other adhesive. The membrane is applied through melting their surface where the cool adhesive is located so that it can be applied onto the surface without any problem. Even using white paint that was applied on the membrane can reduce heat and also work as the best source of waterproofing Pakistan.

Single Ply Membrane


Single ply membrane is a vinyl sheet with a special type of coating used to protect from sun radiations. The single ply membrane is applied over the roof through the highly effective adhesive, or mechanical fasteners to properly get attached with the surface of your rooftops. With a compound that is used to decrease the total solar reflectivity, the single ply membrane is made up of thermoplastic polyolefin and Polyvinyl Chloride compound which is effective membrane to reduce heat from the roof and also made it cheap to purchase.

Build Up Roofing


Build up roofing is used for flat or less sloped roofs, help to reduce heat from roof. Through layering with bitumen or asphalt, along with applying inexpensive mineral as a protective layer using a cluster of rocks, gravel and various other light colored marbles with better solar reflectivity. Multiple layers will reduce heat from roof and along with the ability to trap water inside the layers as well.

Apply Cool Roof Coatings


For all type of roof cool roof coating is the best option. With the application of chemically tuned coats over the top of the roof increases the propensity of high solar reflectivity which reduce the heat radiation to enter into the rooms. Contentious and elastomeric coating are the most popular roof cool coatings in Pakistan. With the help of spray, roller, brush or mopping these chemicals are applied over your roof. Multiple layers of coating will help to reduce heat from roof.

Use Metal Sheets


Slanted rooftops have few options when it comes to proper roof heat proofing in Islamabad, although, we don’t want anyone to deprived of having the basic right to remain cool during the hot summer season. Unpainted metal sheets are a good source of roof heat proofing as it usually has highly solar reflectivity. However as the nature of steel is, it tends to work as a good conductor, so more heat radiation adds up into the sheet. In order to decrease such dilemma, we can apply roof cool coatings over the metal sheet, which has a better solar reflectivity and become less reluctant to add up radiation from direct sunlight.