Summers in Pakistan each year are as harsh as they can get, yet every time they seem to surpass themselves, and break a few more thermal records. Most of us turn to air conditioning as a solution, limiting ourselves to the comfort of a single cool room and huffing in stress the moment we step out. Air conditioning has always been the top option, but as time passes and extreme heatwaves become the norm, people are starting to turn to more long-term solutions. In times like these, people consider either roof heat insulation or roof heat proofing. If you’re someone who’s stuck between both, then welcome, you’ll find here all you need to know about both.

What Is Heat Insulation?

Heat insulation or thermal insulation reduces the transfer of heat between objects. These objects can be anything ranging from hot water in a pot, to roof and walls, by placing an object that does not transfer heat between them. Thermal insulation has become a common practice in warm areas around the globe, where roofs can get extremely hot from the heat of the sun. Heat insulation effectively prevents the heat from transferring between walls and from the roof to the area beneath it.

What Is Heat Proofing?

Heat proofing is also a process that prevents heat from reaching an object. To make an object heatproof, it is treated with a chemical solution that is reflective to heat. This solution can be applied to wood, concrete, cement, and other materials, reflecting the heat back from the surface. The average temperature range for complete reflection ranges from 30-40 degrees, although it can go as high as possible depending on the components of the solution.

How Are They Different?

Heat insulation requires materials to break the process of heat transfer between objects. Heat proofing requires the surface of the object to be treated with a thermal reflective chemical solution.

Which Should You Get?

As everyone knows, each coin has two sides, and regarding heat insulation and heat proofing, both of these options have their highs and lows, their pros and cons. So, why not compare the two options and find out for yourself?


The first step we need to make before deciding upon anything is one that moves backward. Step back and look at the whole situation from afar. The first obstacle that arrives on the course of any decision is one that cannot be avoided: the cost. The cost of any product decides the whole dilemma for itself. Since heat proofing solutions have become common in Pakistan over the past decade, the prices have kept themselves leveled in hopes of luring in more customers. The same goes for heat insulation. As for which one is pricier, the answer is heat insulation, which requires more materials and a workforce to complete the task. Heat proofing is cheaper, but as the resistance against temperatures goes up, so do the prices.


As mentioned earlier, both of these services are common in Pakistan, which eliminates the dilemma of having to import the materials and having to put them in the hands of someone inexperienced. Heat insulation requires materials that might be hard to come by in the market, at least harder than the chemicals required for heat proofing.


The range of options allows us to consider other options more freely. Such as when we buy a car, or a bike, we flit between options from multiple companies, and between different models. Based on marketing surveys, heat insulation is the more common option, with multiple companies offering their services, while the options for heat proofing are limited.

Better Results:

In the end, it all comes down to which solution offers more pros and has the most benefits. Based on the results, heat insulation seems to win. It seems that the prices are well worth it. Heat insulation not only stops thermal transfer but it also prevents radiation from transferring. It eliminates the impact of heatwaves too.

These options seem tricky at first glance, and at the beginning, might seem suspicious. Although, if you’re someone who’s into long-term planning and delayed gratification, check out this guide and decide the best option for you!