Zahabiya chemical industries are one of the biggest construction chemical companies in Karachi Pakistan. It has achieved great success with its production of finest construction chemicals and solutions which are mostly consumed for the purpose of building residential homes, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. From high strength concrete mixtures, agents and solutions to water proofing systems, various coating system and repair mortars.

Zahabiya industries are also expert in providing quality ventilation system for any type of building. Their HVAC services include top air conditioning and ventilation system which is coupled by quality insulation solutions and products for structures and buildings.

Apart from this zahabiya also produced sealants adhesives for different types of automobiles. Not only that they are widely regarded as the best metal packaging company as they provide top quality adhesives and sealants for metal cans and drums. Their Cans sealing products are for general purpose cans, cans used for dry food, oils and other products.