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Roof Heat Proofing, Roof Waterproofing & Epoxy Coating

Universal Services

Universal Services is a sub-company of Ammar Group of Companies and it was established in 2009. Our aim is to become an optimum business enterprise supplying an entire engineering and technical solution provider for the construction chemicals and services. Our Services are Roof Waterproofing, Heat Proofing, Roof Heat Proofing and Epoxy Resin Flooring. We are seeking to be the leader in purchaser delight, innovation, Professionalism and advanced satisfactory solution. And we are the architect of a responsive, speedy, value-powerful and creative method to our client’s benefits and their important wishes.
We committed to best working with our clients for their satisfaction and consistently fulfills expectations. Construction chemical compounds are specialty products which are utilized in structures to growth their life and additionally to impart additional safety from environmental risks. Construction chemicals are vital for excellent concrete for improvement of concrete overall performance. Within the overall growth of residential, industrial, a business sectors creation chemical substances play a crucial role.

Heat Proofing

Heat Proofing

Heat Proofing is a simple and effective way to protect properties from harmful heat waves this anti-heat system reflects heat it may be applied on concrete, wooden, metal structures so properties in hot sunny weather save energy and money people do not[…]

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Universal Services provide best waterproofing chemicals that make your properties long lasting, engineers and civil work builders, they know that the idea of membrane waterproofing system is the proper manner to guard constructing structures, we are[…]

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Epoxy Coating

Universal Services provide epoxy floors services reliable and sturdy floor for commercial and residential. epoxy ground coatings are normally applied to concrete flooring to provide a high performance, easy and sturdy floor that may ultimate many years or face[…]

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Roof Heat Proofing

Universal Services takes pride in our Heat Proofing services which is currently one of the best throughout Pakistan. Our Heat proofing services are reliable in reducing the temperature of your property by 30 to 40 percent. Heat Proofing are also cost-effective, environmentally friendly and highest quality service at the best price available throughout Pakistan.

Have you ever considered why people prefer west open residence in Pakistan?

Located near the equator Pakistan is one of the countries which experience the most sunlight hours in the world. Along with no or very little consideration of weather during construction process leads to properties which are important against the direct heat from the sun and the environment resulting in easy absorption of heat by the structure through the process of conduction, convection and radiation. This in turn leads to increase in external and internal temperature of the structure making the life of the occupant uncomfortable and sometimes even unbearable.

Heat Proofing is a method by which surface of a property is treated with Heat Reflective chemical solution. These chemical solutions used by Universal Services are of highest quality which increases the service lifespan and durability. Our Chemicals are ISO certified according to international standards . They can be applied on concrete, wooden and all sort of metal structures and completely reflects the ultra violet sun rays and reduces the temperature within by 30 to 40 percent. Considerably reducing electric bills by 20 to 50 percent due to less usage of electrical appliances such as air conditions, coolers, fans etc.

Have you ever wondered why there are more cracks on roof tops and places exposed to sunlight?

Heat being one of the weathering agents also leads to disintegrating effect on property structures over time. In day time the outer surface of a property gets too much heated causing significant expansion in the outer layers, later during the night its temperature drops resulting in contraction. The same is also true when there is a rapid change in weather. This process of expansion and contraction creates a series of parallel and perpendicular joints to the exposed surface of the structure which forms cracks over the surface and damage the property. Our specially composed chemical solution of international standard when applied on the surface of a structure not only block the ultraviolet rays and reduce the overall temperature but also negates the effect of disintegration and weathering. Successively increasing the life of the structure and significantly reducing the repair and maintain cost .

Do you like living a healthier life?

As mentioned earlier our chemical solutions are of highest quality and international standard. We take utmost care when it comes to our customer health and safety while providing our services. These chemicals are non-toxic and CFC and are designed and produced keeping in mind the health and safety of the personal using them and the final consumer of the services. As such they are harmless to the occupants of a property. Radiation from the sun in the form of Infrared can easily penetrate the roof and walls of a structure. These radiations are one of the major causes of eye and skin related diseases which can even develop into skin cancer. These specially composed chemical solutions are also capable of stopping the radiation from the sun, reducing the possibility of suffering from such diseases and eventually leading to a better and healthier lifestyle with a longer life expectancy.

Would you like contributing to Environmental Protection?

Universal Services as our name might suggest, do not seek only to maximize our profits but believe that as a Responsible Corporate Entity it is our Social Responsibility to contribute in the well-being of our customers, other stakeholders and specially towards our environment. For this reason, our Heat Proofing services not only reduce the overall temperature of your property. Also it reduce your expenses in relation to maintenance, electrical bills and healthcare, increases the life of your structure. We Provide you with a healthier way of living. But is also designed to be an environmental friendly service which helps us contribute towards environmental protection. It has zero negative impact on the environment.

Our Heat Proofing services significantly reduces usage of electricity and appliances which produces CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) such as air conditioners, etc. Resulting in less carbon emission and other substances which contribute to the destruction of the ozone gas in upper atmosphere. By using our Heat Proofing services, you will not only obtain huge personal benefits but will also contribute toward reducing Global Warming , protection of our Ecosystem and towards reduction in electricity shortage and load-shedding throughout Pakistan.

Why go for Heat Proofing?

The answer is simple

  • Reduction in temperature by 30 to 40 percent
  • Reduce electricity expenses and maintain cost by 20 to 50 percent
  • Increase the life of your structure
  • It is not harmful to both the user and consumer
  • Leads to a healthier way of living and reduce eyes and skin related diseases
  • Is environmental friendly
  • Helps in contribution towards our environment and ecosystem
  • Reduce economic burden on Pakistan by lesser consumption of energy
  • Contribute towards reducing electrical shortages and load shedding
  • And finally gives you a sense of being a responsible person in your society

When you consider the cost and benefit associated with our Heat proofing Services and the money that you will be saving in the future. It is a form of investment rather than an expense. No sensible person will deny getting our Heat Proofing Services.

Why Choose Universal Services?

We at Universal Services excel at what we do.

  • Best Price offered throughout Pakistan
  • With more than 10 years of experience
  • Highly skilled, experienced and trained personals
  • State of the art technology
  • Material adhered to international standards
  • Timely and active response to customer queries and request

Universal Services Heat Proofing service is one of the fastest growing services offered throughout Pakistan. Our testimony is our thousands of satisfied customers and the trust that they put in our company. As our motto suggest “Satisfaction Matters Most ”.


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