Xypex which is based in Canada is one of the biggest waterproofing company. Xypex uses the most modern crystalline technology for waterproofing the concrete. Its operations expand to more than 80 countries in the world which shows its proven products and methods.

Xypex crystalline waterproofing technique was developed 40 years ago which provides strong protection against water intrusion. Xypex’s products uses water as a medium to travel inside the cracks of concrete and fill any fractures left inside the roofs or walls.

Xypex also provides different types of coatings to apply on the surface. These coatings designed by the most modern technology makes the structure’s concrete more waterproof. This allows the walls and roofs to withstand harsh environment and sever weathering.


Other products include solutions and products for repairing of the concrete and additives which are used at the time of batching process. Xypex is one of the best waterproofing brand out there.