Ultra-chemical specializes in every type of construction related chemicals and components. From concrete, coatings and insulation to make structures more durable and strong. Every solution and product is tested and of the highest standard.

Ultra-chemical constructions produce concrete mixtures, adhesives and asphalt emulsions. Other chemicals are epoxy cpoatings and waterproofing and other repairing solutions.

Ultra-chemical is home to variants of sealants and coatings and the latest insulation chemicals which provide protection against harsh weather condition, pollution and unwanted intrusions. Heatproofing system provides reflection against UV rays and keeps the inside cool. Coating and waterproofing provides shield against corrosion and water leaking inside the foundation of the structures.

The products offered by ultra-chemical efficient, long lasting and are great for energy conservation. Ultra-chemical takes extra care when it comes to providing quality and safety to the customers. Every material, solution and product is tested and checked before exported and supplied. That is why ultra-chemical is regarded as one of the best chemical companies for every type of building.