During summer, when the temperature is rising above 35 C, for people it becomes quite intolerable to live inside their homes. People use air conditioning in order to reduce heat, it consumes electricity and also cause harmful gases. For heat treatment there are different methods which become effective with a decrease in temperature as well as require minimum air conditioning usage. When you are looking for best roof heat treatment in Pakistan, there are still many heat proofing experts who will help you.

Following are the some ways used for roof heat proofing in Pakistan.

Elastomeric Paint


Elastomeric paint is a chemical process which helps to prevent trap heat on the roof and throw back about 60-70% of sunlight into the atmosphere. White color paint has considerable solar reflectivity, it keeps your house cool and also reduce the total energy consumption. Elastomeric paint can be applied by using special heat proofing tools, like roller, buckets and spray, to apply the paint all over the roof. For this process, professional is required because they know better how much paint is required to mix with water, how many layers of paint should be applied, and how to protect others from the smell of the chemical. By applying it successfully, you may get one of the most commonly used roof heat treatment in Pakistan.

Foam Insulation


People can experience notable reduction in heat inside their homes by installing many layers of foam into the roof. Foam is a solid insulation material which can be installed either between the layers when the roof is being constructed or directly over the roof.  In Pakistan, the most common treatment for roof heat proofing is foam insulation.

Thermocol Sheet


Thermocol is known as polystyrene. It can easily be available so finding one for your roof proofing is easy. Thermocol is normally located as a false ceiling, so the heat cannot trapped successfully which enters into the roof. It cannot be placed directly over the sunlight because its composition is weaker than the other insulator materials. It might get burned over extreme time towards direct sunlight because its melting point is low.

Polyurethane Foam


Polyurethane foam is an expanded foam which is applied by spray tool with a highly ensure suit to protect person. The properties of polyurethane are worked as an insulation material, however with its and ready availability and composition.  It is used in any type of roof. It can be applied on the walls, at interior or exterior of homes. It can be applied either by liquid, semi-liquid, and solid form as its much resistance to heat.

Reflective Foil Sheet


The use of reflective foil sheets is a successful and useful option. It helps to prevent heat from entering into the homes and receive a cooling sensation and good feeling without running the air conditioning system, hence reducing energy.