The Types of Heat Proofing Materials in Pakistan

Cities, all across Pakistan, undergo through a scorching hot summer. When the summer seasons hits its peak, it becomes almost unbearable to survive the harsh climate. Additionally, with climate change already in motion, the country is now suffering from extremely harsh weather conditions.   Considering this, it is essential for Pakistani homes to be heat […]

The Multiple Benefits of Heat Proofing

Heatproofing your home is the only way to survive the hot Pakistani summers. Heatrpoofing involves creating a barrier of insulation, between the interior and the exterior of your home. This insulation slows down the transfer of heat energy from the roof to the different rooms so the house. In fact, it creates a balance in […]

Benefits of Getting Heatproofing Services

With all these people talking about getting their houses heatproofed, you must have been interested in the idea as well. And why not, it is indubitably a smart idea. The practice of heat proofing in Pakistan has been growing rapidly over the years, due to summers getting hotter each year. It holds many benefits, which […]

Importance of Heatproofing in Pakistan

With the majority of areas reaching newer heights of high temperatures every year, having a house in Pakistan that is not heatproof is a nightmare. The normal temperature in the hotter areas of Pakistan, which include almost all that are not on the northern side, is no less than 35 degrees Celsius. On the worst […]


Protect Your Home In The Summer Season

In the summer season, you’re not the only one that needs protection. Your house needs it too, as it takes in heat directly and can impact the insides and outsides negatively. That’s why heatproofing in Pakistan is a growing requirement. Here’s how you can protect your home in the summer season. #1 Get A Heatproofing […]